Wednesday, June 1, 2011

You had me at woof.

Well, it seems I may have become addicted to my Silhouette.  It's still a bit of a learning curve, especially when trying to cut PTI paper--some of it cuts like buttah (red, ocean tides) and some of it (black especially) cuts shreds like shredded cheese.  But through determination and only a small amount of swearing, I made this card for the Embellish magazine text challenge.

I made the square in the silhouette software and as I was dragging the text to see if it would fit, I happened upon the super-cool trick of wrapping the text around a shape, then you can weld it and it cuts it out as one shape.  Did that just blow your mind like it did mine?  The fighter planes are a silhouette download.  Take a look at an extreme close-up and notice (a) the beautiful cuts and (b) the text background-I printed the glossary of an old flight manual (thanks to Lindsey of Bashful Blogging for the excellent Google Books idea).

I'm sure right about now you're thinking, "Man, Meg has really let herself go over summer vacation.  I mean, what do planes have to do with 'woof'?  And I'm pretty sure Jerry Maguire said 'hello,' not 'woof.'"  Ok, I'll give you that Jerry said "hello" but that's probably because he didn't have the cutest corgi in the whole wide world.   (You know, someone should make a crafting romantic comedy.  Maybe the meet-cute could be fighting over the last clearance pack of paper.  Oh, no, wait, maybe she's in the hardware store buying magnetic vent covers for nestie storage and he's in the hardware store buying magnetic vent covers to actual vent coverage and then the pottery scene from "Ghost" is redone with ink and stamps.  And it could be titled "Squeeze, Pull, Jerk"[1]) Anyway, all that to introduce my next card:

To answer your questions:
1) From a sign I bought at Homegoods. 
2) From the fact that I was planning on using Hawaiian Shores scrunched ribbon for the collar, which ended up not working, but I still liked the color scheme. 
3) Transfer paper.  I cut out the letters, then peeled away all the paper from the carrier sheet, leaving the letters on it.  Use the transfer paper to lift them up all at once, apply glue using quickie glue pen, then adhere the letters and peel away the transfer sheet.  There was still some wiggling, but much closer to perfect than I could have done without the transfer paper.
4) Yes, that is a silhouette of Addison.  I made the silhouette in GIMP, then imported it into the silhouette software and used the trace feature.
5) Yes, it does seem heavy on the lower right, but I had no idea what to add to the top left to balance it.  Any suggestions?

So there you have it.  Let me know if you have questions I didn't answer.

[1]referencing how to use the ATG, of course.


Emily Keaton said...

Awesome cards, Meg! Looks like you are getting to know your Silhouette quite well. You're certainly making some AMAZING things with it. Love those planes and Addison's silhouette. Nice!

Cheryl said...

You go girl! You are rocking the Silhouette! I love your cards.

Emily Leiphart said...

LOL, Meg, your write-ups are the best! These cards do blow my mind. In fact, I might have to stop right here, take a break and come back later. Just kidding. But seriously, you should earn commission from Silhouette for promoting their product so freakin' well!!! LOVE both of these and if you don't win for that Embellish card, well... you should win. :) Either way, Mr. Corgi is going to love both of these!

Angela said...

Mind officially blown. Love all the Silhouette-y details -- you are NOT exactly protecting my craft budget here, lady.
Love the wrapped text, the plane, the GIMP-y Addie, the...everything.

Oh, and the stories. I'll never look at an ATG the same way again. Oy.

Virginia L. said...

Fabulous take on the Embellish text challenge! Love the bi-plane images over text! Perfect for Father's Day!

Crafty Cre8tions said...

wow - fabulous!!!!!!!

I don't know that whole silhoutte machine, but you're doing great things with it!!

Love the corgi card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont think it's off balance!


Sarah Martina said...

Both are absolutely fabulous! You keep rockin that silhouette! I love your color choices on the second card, too! ;) So glad you joined us for the Embellish Color Trends Challenge! :)

Anne said...

Love both of these cards but really dig the airplane card- so fabulous!!

Cristina said...

Glad you persevered because this card is so fantastic! I LOVE it! Thanks for joining us at Embellish! (ps- Did you know there's a book called YOU HAD ME AT WOOF? You might like it!)

Lindsey said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out! I just happened to use Google Books again today -- and it's quite possible every card may be a Dickens card from now on. :P These two cards are fabulous. With a different sentiment, I would totally steal that airplane card for my brother. And Addy's card is too cute. How perfect to use his very own silhouette... and on your Silhouette! Ha.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic card!!! Love how you have 'wrapped' the sentiment, it's ingenious!