Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Here Comes the Sun

Ah, Spring! Here comes the sun, along with:
COMMUNITY on Thursday
TEMPS IN THE 80s this week. 

Not only that, but I actually spent part of last weekend MAKING A CARD.

And I say 
It's all right.

I have not made a real honest-to-goodness card for about 2 months (I had some occasions where a card was required, but I just sort of limped along and/or CASEd myself).  And then I was tasked with making a baby card for a coworker whose nursery theme is owls. 

This was a Silhouette file; don't you love the (Amuse) gingham bellies?  I'm sure you do, but you're also wondering how this is a baby card?  Oh, just you wait....
Oh, yeah, that card just pulled out to reveal a baby owl.  That just happened.  I used the same idea as my "I love you this much" card (I actually had to use my own tutorial to refresh my memory on it, so I'm glad I made it, if only for myself to use).

Thanks to everyone that dropped in to say 'ello during my blogging break (I wish I had a better excuse other than lack of mojo)--I hope to get back to commenting during Spring Break, and maybe even make another card or two!