Monday, June 6, 2011

For all you crafty nerds out there...

 Check it:
Why, whatever could be inside? 
A Kindle! 

Ok, I have to interrupt here and do a shout-out for Delivereads.  Started by a guy that sent a lot of articles to his Kindle to read later, it's a free service that sends about 5 of the most interesting articles a week to your Kindle, in one easy newsletter.  Did I mention it was free?  And awesome? And free?

Back to my new case, what nerd wouldn't love her own polka dotted and wavy striped padded case?  I used this pattern and it was really quite easy. As someone who hasn't done "real" sewing since the tenth grade, I was amazed at how professional looking it turned out.  Also, since the pattern included directions on how to adjust it to fit all sorts of electronics, I made one for my school-issued netbook (I say school-issued because I would never want to endorse a netbook after using this one):
But at least it'll look good, right? It's a bit lumpy due to the cords, but I wanted to show how much you really can fit in there.  I'm sure the "i" is a bit intriguing.  I did some silhouette vinyl work and personalized my netbook:
Aw yeah, math jokes! 

Subway art update: If you recall, I was on step 5 of 16, which was "how much paint does it take to cover a 2x2 foot piece of board?"  Today I completed:
Step 6: Buy 2 more cans of paint ("because I can always return the one I don't use")
Step 7: Use up the entire two cans of paint (bringing the total to one can of primer and THREE cans of spray paint).
Step 8: Call customer service for refund.
Step 9: Decide to paint it black, but must wait until the next day for the spray paint to dry.
Seriously, this is getting a bit ridiculous now.  Maybe someday soon I can finally show you the finished product!

Until then, read on or craft on or math on, my friends.


Emily Keaton said...

Oh my gosh!! Meg, I love how you personalized your netbook. That is too funny!! And great job with your sewing. They do indeed look quite professional--and that's coming from a threadhead. Nicely done!

Angela said...

Har. Threadhead. Love it.
Your cases rock! Professional, indeed. Of course, your vinylization of that netbook is hilarious! I think I had a math teacher with that poster in his room once. Almost makes me wish I could explain why it's funny. Almost.

Good luck with the paint! I'm off to recommend Delivereads to the hubs - thanks!

onecraftymama said...

A math joke I understand? {yikes!} Have you ever been to Neatorama or Mental Floss? They both have awesome geeky shirts I don't understand (and some I do!) that would probably tickle your funny bone.
I can't tell you how much I love that you have a label for "Nerdy." I'm thinking I'd better add one for "Keyboard Diarrhea."
I love these pretty little cases -
especially the mix of patterns on each one. BTW, what are you spray painting, sponge? My curiosity is piqued big-time.

Lindsey said...

These look AMAZING, Meg! Your netbook personalization is perfect. These two cases are totally, awesomely funkalicious. (Of course that's a word. And a compliment!) Now I'm off to rediscover Mental Floss... I didn't know it still existed!

Karin said...

LOVE your cover! Just bought a Kindle for my niece, so this is a great idea...What can't you do?

Crafty Cre8tions said...

Hmmmm, maybe that is a project I could tackle in the next few months...after a few more sewing lessons from my mom!

I LOVE your choice of fabric!!!

Great job!

Emily Leiphart said...

Wow, wow, wow, those Kindle cases are amazing! Hey, if I ever get a Kindle, I'm expecting one from you. :P Cute netbook cover, too, and I can't believe your subway art is taking THAT long?!

Crafty Math Chick said...

Very cute - LOVE LOVE LOVE the math humor! Keep it coming!

Charlene said...

Well, look at you! Talent in it and thanks for the linky, too!