Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hold on to Your Hats

I think I'm getting pretty good at this whole Silhouette card designing.  I made two anniversary cards for my DH, and I really can't decide which one is my favorite, so that will be an exercise left to the reader.  Are you ready?
Card #1:
The silhouette is based on this picture from our wedding: 
(side note: check out our photographer's blog for some haunting tornado pictures) It took a couple tries to cut this as I'm still having issues with some of the fonts not cutting cleanly, but I think the result is well worth it. 

Card #2:
GET IT?!?!  "Otter" half?!?!  Hahahaha.  This pun is from pinterest, and the image is based on a t-shirt (that of course I own) that is based on this video (make sure you watch it until 1:20 for the cutest part):
The polka dot paper is Echo Park, and the "water" paper is My Mind's Eye Love Me Do collection--it has little hearts all over it, so I couldn't resist using it.  The font is Chowderhead, and I used word wrapping and welding to wrap it around the circle.  I used the "trace" feature to trace the otters and their bellies, then used the "trace outside edge" feature for the black matting. I left the black the same size, then glued it just a smidge off so it gave it a water/shadow effect.  I definitely had to add the black to the feet, otherwise, they looked like, shall we say, "Baby Ruths."  

In other news, the subway art was definitely appreciated by Mr Corgi!!  I think he may have gotten a bit misty-eyed when he read the "as you wish."  Or maybe it was the paint fumes.  Hard to say.


onecraftymama said...

Oh, Meg, that video is too cute. I had to call my hubby over (who groaned, until he saw them grab hands again, and then even he aw-ed). And since he was already here, I asked him for his card-pinion as well - and let me tell you, getting a card-pinion out of him is, well, tough. However, even after seeing the otter adorableness, he thinks the first card is the best one, because it's with your wedding picture. That was my thinking too, but you know, I would probably give him both! Which anniversary is this? It must be a teeny-tiny number for you to still like him enough to make him stuff ;) lol

Sue from Oregon said...

That wedding card is just outstanding!

Lindsey said...

What a gorgeous wedding photo! And it makes an amazing anniversary card. But then, the other one has OTTERS! The one thing about the otter card is that it could always be used as an anytime surprise card. Love them both. Wow, Meg, you are rockin' the Silhouette!

Smilie girl said...

Awwwww. the video definitely is so cute. My kids pick the otter card but I was very impressed with how the first card is based on one of your wedding photos.
Where are those cute otters from, by the way?

Crafty Cre8tions said...

I love that video...I've seen it before and it's is so adorable!!

Wowzers on the first card......I mean, really???
Who friggin awesome!!!!!!!!! That blows me out of the water!!!

The otter card is just too cute too!!!! I can't wait to see what other awesome creations you make with the silouette!!!!!


Emily Leiphart said...

You crack me up, Meg! Paint fumes? LOL Um, why don't you just give Mr. Corgi BOTH cards? They are so different but totally awesome. THEN I'm sure he'll get misty-eyed for all the right reasons. LOL By the way, you're not doing me any favours by continuing to showcase all these awesome Silhouette creations. I've been showing them all to my man in the hopes that he'll just say, "You should get one for your birthday," but nothing yet. :P

Amberbop said...

Someday I will own an otter. Why that day is not today, I have no idea. Sigh. <3 this.

Amberbop said...

I am so in love with the first card that I think I was blurry eyed by the time I got to the second. The first is my favorite, but kudos on both!