Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hello. Is it me you're looking for?

So sometimes I get something stuck in my head (like that Lionel Richie song that's in your head now--you're welcome!). The only problem is when it gets stuck in my head wrong. Like when I read the comments from this post, I had it in my head that my pal Lindsey asked for a phone instead of my pal Jessi.  So when Lindsey won some blog candy from me, I though I should make a phone card and sent it along.  DOH!  Maybe I'll make an Angry Birds card and send to Jessi, then Jessi and Lindsey can switch.  ANYWAY, here is the card!
Get it?!?!  Red phone!?!  You da BOMB!?!?  Hahahaha.  I laughed myself silly over that one. This was a Silhouette Studio file that I modified a bit to make it into a card.  I l.o.v.e. that DCWV metallic paper--does anyone know where I can buy something similar by the sheet?  Or at least in a pack with all metallic paper?

I also have been hard at work on some more Hope You Can Cling to Challenges.  Here's one based on Jimmi's sketch challenge.
I just love Eat Cake Graphic's A Scarf for Ferguson.  The holiday paper is from My Mind's Eye, and Ferguson's scarf was fussy cut from Amuse gingham paper.  I also used Amuse's "cardstock" vellum to stamp the sentiment onto. This vellum isn't really all that vellum-y, but you can at still see a hint of the gingham behind it.  The sentiment is from The Cat's Pajamas.

Ok, so now it's time for some book reports. I think I may spread them out over the next few days so this doesn't turn into a massive post! (click on the book to go to its Amazon page)

Book #36: This one was on my birthday wishlist because it was supposed to be THE book for any child of the 80's.  My mom gifted the Kindle book to me, which we both thought was so cool for her to do.  As for the book, it was definitely entertaining for a sci-fi book, but a little bit too action-adventure for me.  Plus I really didn't get a lot of the references.  I think what they meant to say was it was for any super geeky video-game loving child of the 80's.  I'm pretty sure the only video games I played in the 80's were Pong and Oregon Trail.  Oh, yeah, and Number Crunchers when our teachers were trying to be "educational" during our one hour of computer time every two weeks. I won't tell you not to read, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it.

Book #37: Have you noticed that there's a bit of a fad going on with books about women with some sort of amnesia or dementia? This book falls into that category.  I would recommend Before I go to Sleep before I would recommend this one.  Actually, that statement isn't true, because I would not recommend this one.  At all.  This is a re-enactment of me when I saw this title in my Amazon account:

Ann who? from Steven Castellano on Vimeo.

 And, yes, I am peeing my pants about Arrested Development coming 2013!!


Lindsey said...

Meg, you and I are so going to have to go see the Arrested Development movie together. Or at least go see the movie at the same time and chat electronically about all the best parts. :D
You know I love my telephone card. And I could always slingshot it at a pig if I really need to. It is red, after all. :P
And now I love your Fergus card, too! He is a total sweetie in his gingham scarf.

Tenia Nelson said...

These cards are both awesome Meg!!!

Jocelyn Olson said...

Thanks a lot. Now I'm going to have that song stuck in my head all day tomorrow during an 8 hour meeting. Actually, it will probably be the song with images from the lamest videos ever made. ;) The phone card is *SO* awesome...I think it's one of my faves....too funny. The Ferguson card is adorable. I love him! I love the mix of papers, too.

Sue from Oregon said...

Yep. I am singing it too! Both cards are totally awesome! I always look forward to your cutter cards!

Jen W. said...

"It's a small world after all. It's a small world after all."
Try and get that one out of your head!!

The phone cards rocks. And I'm diggin' Ferguson's scarf!

Jen W. said...

And I meant to say I LOVED Oregon Trail! :)

Sarah said...

Wait, what? 2013?? My comment about your card has been totally sidetracked by the Arrested Development clip and tidbit. :)

Emily Keaton said...

Can I just say "WOW" about 50 times? Your retro telephone knocked my socks off. WOW!! (And I love your sweet Ferguson card. His scarf is adorable.) Thanks for some fun eye candy today, Meg!!

Crafty Cre8tions said...

lol - now i'm thinking ' that me you're looking for?' by mr. ritchie!! THANKS MEG!!!!!

What a TO DIE FOR card though - I mean REALLY!!!!!!!! Wow!!

Do you know I saw a DCWV metallic paper pack at one of my Marshall's or TJ Maxx's. I would look there. If I'm at one in the near future and see it - would you like me to get you the paper pack?

And, I just love that Ferguson stamp. That would make a perfect xmas card for all my dog-volunteer friends.......... Love the paper choices!!!

And I love Michael Cera! thanks for that funny clip!!!

Angela said...

It IS me you're looking for, I just know it. ;)

The cards rock (hello? a Giant Red Telephone??!! A dog in a scarf??!), the Ann clip rocks (can I come to the movie with you and Linds?), and I'm sorry the books didn't rock. Thanks for the warning.

One more for you -- be sure to tilt your head and read sideways too:

Emily Leiphart said...

Get out! That phone is amazing, whether it was intended for Linds or Jessi. I just love it! Maybe you can make me a holiday version. :P

Your doggie card is adorable! It totally made me go awwww...

And thanks for the warning about those books! I finally got around to returning Unbroken so now I have to get an ebook machine or find the non-large print version. Ugh.

meredemaison said...

Meg, I love Arrested Development, too and am excited about the new developments, hehe. Love your phone and I've had that song going through my head ever since I watched an episode of Glee a week ago - how did you know that I needed to get it back in there, grrrrrr.
I have found cool, not quite metallic, but shimmery paper put out by Paper Studio at Hobby Lobby. They have 4x6 and 12x12 stacks. They are pretty awesome - don't know if it helps you...

onecraftymama said...

I KNEW you could rock a rotary phone!!! And the red phone + bomb sentiment...sweet! I love all the details of the 'shine' on the phone. I must say I'm a little sad it's not mine :) I love you anyway!
And Ferguson is awesome. I love that sentiment too, and his sweet pink scarf.
Definitely not checking out these books - thanks for the heads up! - I really liked "Before I go to Sleep" as well. And actually, I ended up liking "The Midwife of Venice" ok. I don't know that I would recommend it, the ending was definitely hokey. I don't think you missed too much by not finishing it.

Anonymous said...

Meg, you are the queen of fabulous shaped and fun cards! You are so creative.