Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dude, You Bling.

Two more Hope You Can Cling To cards today! Not only is this first one for Lori's Bling your Cling challenge, but also for Market Street's Special Edition Block Party.  What makes this Block Party so special?
A) It lasts until next Wednesday.
B) You get to vote for the winner.
C) The winner receives a $50 gift certificate to Market Street. Every month.  FOR A YEAR.
D) All of the above!

Plus Saturday marks Market Street's first anniversary, and Angelica has planned LOTS of awesomeness!  Check the MSS blog or my sidebar for more information.  Hope to see you there!

Now onto the card:
I really don't do bling a lot, so I spent some time going through my stamp index trying to find a good stamp to bling.  When I saw the little dots surrounding the compass and then found out that they were the same size as my tiniest bling, well, I just started a-blingin'!  (Ok, technically I stamped the image first, then started a-blingin'.  Well, to be truly technical, I stamped the image first, then colored the bling with a copic, and then started a-blingin'.)  And because I'm the type of gal that plans ahead, I ran out of bling with two dots left.  AAAAAH!!!!  Fortunately at the bottom of my bling pail, I had a small set of A muse bling that had the same size, plus a heart that was just calling to be used as well.

Now we go from pink, clean, and simple to masculine and grungy for Dani's Real Men Wear Pink challenge:
This card was just fun to make.  I used A Muse's Rock Star along with PTI's Grunge Me stamp sets.  Look how crazy I went with the Fresh Ink Slate Blue distressing!  Yes, rock stars may break guitars, but you know you're really a rebel when you have a 1/4 inch streak of blue and you don't start over!

What makes you feel like a rebel stamper?


Michele Gross said...

LOOOOVE the bling around the compass! so pretty!

Emily Keaton said...

Awesome Hope You Can Cling To cards, Meg! What makes me feel like a rebel stamper? I finally realized that it's OK if my machine stitching on cards isn't perfect. In fact, imperfections are welcome. Cool! I've even gotten so comfortable with nonperfect stitching that I actually submitted a card for publication that had a stitching boo-boo on it--and it got accepted anyway. Yippee for rebel stamping!!

onecraftymama said...

Dude, YOU bling!
I'm so impatiently waiting for my MSS stamps to arrive so I can play with you :) I'm stalking the mailman...which Abby is not cool with.
You plan ahead like I do. I love that you share those tidbits, because I feel a little less nutty knowing someone else makes the same ridiculous mistakes (really? Is it so hard to count?) while caught up in crafting. And it pretty well always works out :)

Emily Leiphart said...

These are fabulous, Meg! I love all the pink and CAS designs. I feel like a rebel when I come up with something new to me. ;D

Lindsey said...

DudETTE, _you_ rock! The first card is so feminine and pretty with an image one might think is more masculine (and nice job on the bling!), while the second card makes pink wings look macho.
Me, a rebel stamper? Hmm, when I manage to stamp in more than two colours? :D I tried to sponge-distress yesterday; just couldn't do it. Sigh.

Crafty Cre8tions said...

lol - you crack me up girl! I love that you went a-blingin'. You musta freaked when you were two short though! Glad AMUSE came to your rescue!!

LOVIN' the second card. That paint stain background is great with it!!!

Maria :)

Angela said...

bling, blang, blung -- and grunge! Awesome, of course, ink distressing most definitely included. I feel like a rebel when...I color something. Anything. Doesn't take much, eh?

Lisa Lara said...

Wow...brilliant cards Meg. You Rock.

Jen W. said...

LOL! I would totally run out of bling like that too! Glad you found some extras to finish off this rockin' card!

Tenia Nelson said...

Love your cards dearie!!!!

Angelica - Market Street Stamps said...

Both are just awesome, MEG!! Love the CAS feel and the bit of bling just makes it pop. FABULOUS dah-ling!

jhonblack said...
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