Friday, December 16, 2011

This blog has gone to the dogs!

Well, ok, maybe it's gone to the dogs already, but this weekend there's going to be lots of mangy mutts hanging around...starting with these three chihuahuas from Market Street's Pawprints on our Hearts set:
If you're visiting from my Market Street blog post today, you may have noticed the addition of some hats.  The Santa hat stamp is from Paper Smooches, but it was the perfect fit for those pups!  I even added some Snow Writer for some fluff (and I hate Snow Writer, so the recipient better appreciate that fluff!). 

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you may have noticed the extravagant use of shimmer paper on this card--I used it for the letters, hats, and scarves because I DON'T NEED TO HOARD IT ANYMORE!  meredemaison gave me a good tip on some Hobby Lobby packs, which I finally got around to buying with a coupon (did you know the Hob Lobster is also selling some Echo Park paper packs now?  With a coupon, that's a pretty sweet deal. Make sure you check the scrapbook kits aisle, too, they were hiding some Little Boy and Walk in the Park packs there).  The same night, I went to Michael's and what do I spy?  A DCWV Shimmer Paper Pad!  Yes, I bought that, too.  The Paper Source (Hobby Lobby) one is nice because it has a solid core, but there were some colors in the DCWV I had to have.  Long story short, Christmas came early to Corgi Creations in the form of shimmer paper!

Other tidbits: The scarves are from Market Street's Cool Cats set and are a little snug on the chihuahua, but close enough for me.  The patterned paper is Echo Park and the sentiment is a Silhouette download. 

How are your holiday preparations going?  I think I have almost all of my shopping done, except for Mr Corgi.  Any ideas?


Cheryl said...

Meg, This is just adorable!

Emily Keaton said...

This is fabulous, Meg!! You must be in shimmer paper heaven over there. :) Holiday prep is totally under control here. Shopping done, wrapping done except for Mr. Bliss (OK, I stole that naming angle from you, but it's so hilarious, so I *HAD* to!), cards finished and mailed, packages shipped. All that's left is some fun baking with the kids this weekend, a gingerbread house to decorate (again with the kids), and some teacher gifts to assemble for distribution next week. We can actually take the time to enjoy these fun tasks this year! Sorry, no ideas for Mr. Corgi. Mr. Bliss is getting fancy chock & leveling blocks for our little pop-up camper. He's going to be bowled over (waaaay better than the scrap lumber we've been using), but I doubt that idea would translate well for *your* hubs!!

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

Hi Meg! Your card is a hoot! LOVE those dogs. I am ready for Christmas! Have just a wee bit more wrapping to do. I need to go buy $100 worth of batteries and then take a screwdriver to unbolt certain presents from the packaging to insert the above over-priced batteries. This is so that I do not curse on Christmas morning, within earshot of my children while trying to take the dang toy out of the box while they are not so patiently waiting (I know this from experience). LOL!
That sounded totally scroogish, and I am a Christmas nut. Love everything about it.
I just wish that manufacturers did not have to use screws and bolts to anchor toys onto cardboard boxes. :0)


Jen W. said...

Those chihuahuas are brilliant and flew to the top of my MSS wish list. They are even cooler in their Santa hats. Remember the Taco Bell chihuahua? I have toy version in a Santa hat that says, "Feliz navidad, amigos!". I'll be so sad when that battery finally dies.

Smilie girl said...

Oh those little cuties made me happy. Gorgeous card. I don't mind if your blog does go to the dogs.
Best wishes with your shopping for Mr C.

Emily Leiphart said...

LOL, these "cha-hoo-ah-hoo-ahs" crack me up and so did Jen W.'s comment about the Taco Bell toy 'cause I have one with a rose in its mouth that says, "I think I'm in love." I've had it for years and the battery still works!

onecraftymama said...

I never did fathom why 'going to the dogs' would be a bad thing...I mean, unless it was something dead & smelly & the dog's going to roll on it & eat it. Ahem. Love this card, even with the PITA Snow Writer fluff.
Now lemme see...I could call my hubs Mr. One (Um, no), or Mr. Crafty (so not!), or Mr. Mama (oh hell to the no)...but I'll just call him Rob. That's his name, so it works out well. (Too much coffee, sorry, but I'm totally amusing myself.) He's the only one I have left to shop for, and he's already bought himself several things - a stepladder, and a Monty Python series box set. I picked him up a really cool set of wind chimes made from old silver spoons, and copies of Scrooged & Christmas Vacation...and now I'm stuck. I'm thinking maybe a Bluetooth set for the car?
Awesome news on the shimmer paper, btw. I have a Michaels card burning a hole in my pocket so I'll have to look too :)

Crafty Cre8tions said...

Cute cute cute!!! That was our sentiment on last year's christmas cards!!! These chi's are very cute and not yappy at all :)

I wish we had Hobby Lobby near me in CT. Not even sure where the closest one is! I shopped in one in TN, at it was great!!!!!!!!!

Well, off to a volunteer brunch!! Have a great Sunday!!

Lindsey said...

Well, if you can't have corgis, chihuahuas are a pretty cute substitute. And thanks for the shimmer paper tips -- Hobby Lobby is a bit tricky for me ;) but I have eyed the DCWV pad at Mikes... good to know it meets your standards!