Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Case of the CASEs

I've been doing a lot of CASEing around here recently...I love it when my blog peeps do all the heavy lifting of creating a card and I just copy it in my own way!
First, a birthday card for my dad:
based on this card by Lindsey of Bashful Blogging (see her post here).

Of course, I had to use that same Echo Park paper because it is awesome, and I also used the reverse side for the red and white stripe border.  I used a Silhouette file for my airplane.  I also notice that Lindsey is way better at taking pictures of long cards than I am. 
I also cased two cards recently from Emily of Art from the Heart, starting with a New Year's card

based on this card (see her post here).

When I commented that I needed that skyline die immediately, Emily was kind enough to tell me it was on sale this week, but the $10 price tag was a bit too steep for me, so the Silhouette came to the rescue.  I found a good image of the Birmingham skyline with lots of contrast between the sky and the buildings, then traced it in the Studio.  I added some squares for windows using the duplicate and space vertically/horizontally functions (added bonus: instant confetti!).  I embossed the Market Street sentiment onto some black shimmer paper.  The best part?  The little heart bling is the building (and floor) where we had our wedding reception.  Awwww! 

The second card that I cased from Emily was a thank you card for one of my students who gave me a de minimus gift (because, yes, the new Alabama ethics rule says you cannot give teachers a gift that is worth anything, because couldn't a teacher be bribed into giving a good grade if they got a cruise for Christmas from one of their students?  Could someone please tell me what school district is having parents give cruises at Christmas, and do they need any math teachers there?)

based on this card (see her post here).

I feel somewhat bonded to Emily's card, since I helped Em make the logos on the Silhouette.  I kept mostly the same layout, but added the Market Street Vintage Notepad in blue because I thought it made it look more high schooler-y.  The "thanks" is an old Cuttlebug die, and I used a Martha Stewart border punch on the ends.

So what are you doing New Year's Eve?  Mr Corgi and I have a nice grilled steak dinner planned and hopefully some good crafting time (well, for me, anyway.  Mr Corgi will probably get some good X Planing time!).  Stay safe out there, kids!


Emily Leiphart said...

Wow, Meg! First of all, I'm all giddy that you cased two of my cards. You did a wonderful job of casing Linds' card and mine! I can totally see where you got your inspiration because they are still very much like their originals but also have that awesome Meg-touch (kind of like Midas-touch). LOL I love these!!! The heart bling in the building is so sweet!

onecraftymama said...

1. These cards are fabulous. Although, how is instant confetti good? Weirdo :)
2. Awwww. Romantic, with the heart bling. Love that!
3. I would definitely give teachers cruises (or whatever their hearts desired) because teachers have one of the very hardest jobs out there. Of course it's easy to say that when I don't actually have the money to back it up.
4. You didn't like Heads You Lose? What? lol. That's why I love sharing book lists - because you can cheerfully ask someone if they were drunk when they read it, because you thought it sucked so bad ;)
5. NYE? Pizza, movies, alcohol...not necessarily in that order, or for all participants :) Have a good & safe one- enjoy the crafty time!

Angela said...

Fantastic CASE job! I love the patterned backing for your plane sentiment, the personalized skyline (aww, how cute is that heart?), and the perfect school-ish-ness of the third.
Why is Alabama so weird about schools these days, eh? We have no such rules, yet no one has ever given either of us anything valued higher than a pair of Santa socks. Or a mug. Or a weird framed serenity prayer. Remind me to tell you that story one day. ;)

Smilie girl said...

I love all the awesomeness of the CASE-ing.
Happy NY to Mr Corgi and yourself.

Maria@Crafty Cre8tions said...

These are GREAT Case'd cards!! I love it too when the 'heavy lifting' is done for me too! ha ha

that's why I love sketch challenges so much!!

That EP airplane paper is awesome!!

I don't think parents are encouraged to give their kids teachers gifts either, but we sell a lot of 'teacher' gifts at our craft I say "GIVE GIVE GIVE!!" LOL

I was in bed at 11:50pm last night and SO happy about it!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

Emily Keaton said...

Great cards, all!! Happy New Year, Meg--I hope your 2012 is fabulous and holds a student-financed cruise for you ;).

Sue from Oregon said...

Speacking of casing...I am just finishing up two of your silh house creations for some friends in need of a little cheering up! OH MY are they ever cute, and it was a nice learning experience for this newbie sil owner too! So fun!!! Love your pattern! I should have it posted by noon today if you want to peek!