Sunday, September 19, 2010

Organized: Part One

Time for the weekly post from Meg!  This week is all about my organization, and hold on to your hats, because there's so much stuff I'm going to post over two days.  Yes, that means at least TWO posts from me this week.  Today I'll share with you my stamping room.  Don't you love seeing where people stamp? I went to Michael's and HomeGoods yesterday and scored some great baskets, so I spent this morning purging and re-organizing.  Here are the results:

I stamp in one of the extra bedrooms in our house.  I also get ready in the mornings in here, have my computer set up in here, and this is also where Addie's crate is.  Definitely a hodge-podge, but it works for me.  Anyway, this wall is between the door and the closet.  The bookcase is from Target and I just bought all the red baskets at HomeGoods (in the baby section, not the basket section).  I'm going back to get one more to put all the cardstock in on the bottom shelf.  From the top down, I have a tin for my dies/embossing folders, a spice rack that I use for buttons, a basket for 8x8 paper, a basket for 6x6 paper, 8 1/2 x 11 paper, and magazines.  On the left is another basket that is the perfect fit for 12x12 paper pads and packs.

This is the wall over Addie's crate (we crate-trained her and I have never seen a dog love her crate as much as she does).  The shelves are from Lowe's.  On the top shelf, I have some scraponizer cases for Unity KOMs and other stamps, SU unmounted cases, embossing & sewing stuff, embossing powder in a ziploc container and PTI stamp sets.  On the bottom shelf, I have all my clear stamps.  I made the tote, the basket is from HomeGoods, and the metal suitcase was a gift from my mom.  I also have my SU markers there. 

This is an older picture, but my camera battery died before I could take all of them (plus it has better coloring).  I have SU and PTI paper on top of the storage cube, and in the storage cube (from Hobby Lobby), I have inks, acrylic blocks, embellishments, ribbon (in the fabric pullout drawer from Target-love!), and punches.  The table is also from Target. The red spinny thing was from HomeGoods and an awesome find.  It holds all my prismacolor pencils plus all my tools.

 I was inspired by Dawn's organizational post to redo my nesties.  This tin (also from Homegoods) was the perfect size (with room to grow!).  I use a napkin holder to hold my cuttlebug plates.

Here is what I did for the nesties.  I bought some of the magnetic vent covers at Home Depot-they were about $4.50 for a pack of three 8 x 15 inch sheets, which I cut in 4 x 3.75 inch pieces.  24 squares out of a package = 18 cents a square: a pretty cheap storage solution, I must say.  I adhered the squares onto the Spellbinders inserts (cut in half) and then just used some chipboard (a nice sheet comes in the package of vent covers, too) and cereal boxes for the rest.

They work for SU and PTI dies, too!

So that is all for today, because I'm going to have some lunch and actually STAMP in my stamp room!!!  I'm a bit behind on some birthday cards that need to go out this week.

Hope y'all are having a great time in your stamp space, or wherever your happy place is this weekend.


Angela said...

I love all the new red goodies -- doesn't it feel good to be organized? No, seriously -- does it? I wouldn't know. :)
Tomorrow I'm off to the HD to seek out those dang vent covers! Wish me luck!

Cheryl said...

This looks like a great space for creating!

Emily Leiphart said...

Well, I'm just envious that you have a whole room devoted to stamping. It's beautiful so I'm not surprised that Addison loves being in her crate there, too! ;D I love how you have your punches hanging above those cute little buckets with your Copic markers tucked inside. Your new red baskets are fabulous as are those magnetic vent covers holding your dies and nesties!

Emily Keaton said...

Hey, Meg!! Great organization. I love seeing how everyone does this!! Also, just wanted you to know that I FINALLY had some time to accept the lovely Cherry on Top award that you bestowed on me last month :) Thanks a bunch!!!