Sunday, September 5, 2010

Birthday Goodies!

Some more birthday cards came my way this week!  Yippee!
This gorgeous creation was from Emily.  It uses a beautiful PTI impressions die (that did not want to be photographed) and -OMG- is that butterfly perfection or what?  I love the twisted wire body!  She's a clever one, that Em! 
This card is from a coworker who is a scrapper that I'm trying to bring over to the dark side.  She knows I love any and all October Afternoon, so she filled my card with all sorts of cuteness!!  I think every girl deserves a pink polka dotted flower on her birthday.
And I finally sat down yesterday to make a card with some of my new birthday goodies!  The paper is from one of my three new Echo Park paper packs--I'm in love with all of them.  The blue paper is the back of the floral, and PTI Hibiscus Burst matched perfectly for the base.  The sentiment and frame is PTI Fillable Frames #4.  I had to handcut it since they were out of the die (what a shocker).  I stamped it with a dark brown, even though it looks black in the picture.  Here's a trick for sewing the edges without sewing the twill ribbon: lay it across the front of the card, but only adhere the portion that will fold over to the back.  Then cut the ribbon on the front where it will be hidden by the sentiment panel and let the two ribbon ends hang off the sides of your card.  Stitch around your card (I did two rows), then adhere the ribbon across the front.  I then used my fingernail to ruffle up the edges.

So here's something weird.  I bought all three of the new Crate Paper 6x6 paper pads (school spirit, snowy days, and restoration).  Now most of the 6x6 paper pads I buy are scaled down versions of the original.  I've never bought one that is actually made up of 12x12 pieces that have been cut and glued into a pad.  Which means (a) none of the papers are exactly the same piece, which doesn't really bother me, (b) the patterns are not scaled down, which only partially bothers me on a few, and (c) some of the patterns don't work at all--as in, the snowy days one has 3/4 of a tree on one page and the top 1/4 on another.  Has anyone else run into this weirdness from other paper companies?

Hope everyone is enjoying the three-day weekend!  We are about to take the corgi to the park and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Happy crafting, everyone!


Angela said...

Cute cards! And scrapping is NOT the dark side! Well, maybe. I'm actually convinced you'll be joining us over here in the dark one day.
NIce hand-cutting on your non-die!
You know, I read about the non-scaled Crate paper on someone's blog, and then I saw it for myself yesterday. I think I'll just end up buying the full sheets of what I really want, as it's the scaling that makes 6x6 pads make sense. That's annoying about the tree!
Have fun with Addison! Enjoy the loveliness.

Cheryl said...

Cute cards! I love them all. You have sweet friends to send you hand made cards.

I have never run into that with the 6x6 pads. Odd. I thought the entire purpose was to scale down the pattern.

Emily Leiphart said...

It's nice and so weird to see my card on your blog! LOL I'm glad you got another fun one to add to your birthday collection. :D

I love your card. That is truly beautiful paper! I couldn't even tell that you hand-cut the sentiment panel until you mentioned it.

I've never come across the scaling problem with the smaller pads. Maybe you got a defective one? I think a refund is in order! If your LSS is nice, maybe they'll give you a freebie. ;)

Charlene said...

Aw, Meg...Happy belated sorry I missed it! What awesome presents!! Keepers every one! I love Crate Paper...hmm, wonder what happened? Send 'em an email!