Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mother's Day Cards

Have I mentioned my love for Echo Park paper?  No?  Well, I love it.  So when I saw that they now offer 6x6 pads (with reduced scale), well, I may have bought four of them, which may have contributed to me going way over budget last month, which means I now am on a spending freeze until the end of May. 

In order to your part in my spending freeze, I need y'all to not show any cool projects this month that involve items that I do not currently own, but upon seeing your project, I will not be able to craft until I own said items.  'Kay?  

For example, if you did not already own the Echo Park For the Record 6x6 paper pad collection, it would be very rude of me to post the following card:
because it would make you sad that you did not have such fun happy papers and then you would want to buy them, which you can't because you're on a spending freeze EVEN THOUGH it's the last month of school and don't you think you deserve something for making it through 180 days.  It would also make you sad that you did not buy the stitched alphabet from the A Muse clearance sale when it cost about $2.50, because it is a great alphabet set. The banners, from A Muse Studio's Happy Everything set, would make you happy because they're banners. Maybe the chicken wire stamp from Prisma would make you feel indifferent, but I like it, so there.  

As I was merely posting it as an example of what not to post, I was not being hypocritical.  

As a example of a "safe" card to post, see the following:
which would make you kind of want the Echo Park Springtime 6x6 pad, but not in a craft-threatening way like the previous card.  I probably should have put some sort of background pattern in the back, but I thought of that after I glued all of those down, so that wasn't going to happen (breaking my own rule:  you have to buy a Sakura Quickie Glue pen because you definitely cannot craft without it.  I think it will replace my Xyron).

Finally, do you have offspring that are in school, being taught by teachers? 
First, read this article and then this one. Then make one of these for every teacher your offspring have, even if you have two high schoolers which means at least 12.  Then make one for me.  But don't post it on your blog, because that would definitely be rude.


Lindsey said...

Way to go, Meg. Now I'm sad because I don't have any Echo Park 6x6 pads, and will have to seek them out and buy them. :D Love these happy Mother's Day cards! Just looking at all that patterned paper goodness makes me smile.
Great articles. But of course, you're preaching to the choir here.

Jocelyn said...

LOL! Fabulous! It's a good thing I have some unused For the Record in my how that looks on your card. But, I don't have that incredibly cute chicken coup stamp... Yikes! ;)

Hey, I hope all is well with you in Alabama. I'm sending good wishes your way.

Emily Keaton said...

What a delight to read this post, Meg! I always look forward to your posts, so this one was no different in this regard. Love these cards dripping with Echo-Parky goodness!!

Angela said...

Oh, you're preaching to the choir over here, too -- both the teaching articles AND the Echo Park! Ha. I think your cards are fab...all those patterns just make me happy, and the little banners add such flair. I am a little jealous about the alpha stamps, though -- I don't think I have any as cute as those!
PS: last week I downloaded a "keep calm and marry on" graphic...that design is everywhere now!

Cheryl said...

Ooohhh I LOVE these Meg! Fantastic design. I love the little banners. Cute, cute, cute!

Emily Leiphart said...

GET OUT! You had me busting my gut the whole way through this post. Well, I do have For the Record but I don't have the A Muse alphas or that lovely honeycomb background. Hmph. As for Springtime, I thought about adding it to my order of a dozen distress ink pads so there you have it. Do I love your cards? You betcha.

Crafty Cre8tions said...

lol - you crack me up! Sorry you blew your craft budget, but I'm sure those new papers will help you make it through the month of may!

I love the chicken wire stamped background too!!
Love the Teach On frame too :)

Poppit said...

lol! Thanks for making it clear how this stamp freeze works - your examples, are of course perfect. Coz now I WANT those gorgeous Echo papers as featured in the first card. :-) FABulous cards. And good luck making it until June with no splurges!!! x