Sunday, May 22, 2011

CAS DT Search

Around this time last year, I tried out for the SCS CAS design team for the first time, which led to making lots of new friends and the start of this blog.  I had a few guest designer weeks, but I haven't officially tried out again since school keeps me so busy.  Now it is summer again and I decided at the last minute to throw my hat into the ring with this card.
I've had Scooter's Day at the Pool from Eat Cake Graphics for quite some time now, but this is the first time I've inked it up.  I stamped him on A Muse Ocean paper, then stamped him again on white paper, colored him with copics, cut him out, then added some Glossy Effects to his fins and snorkel mask.  The sentiment is from The Cat's Pajamas, white embossed.  Then I used nestabilities and a good ol' hole punch to cut out the bubbles.  I popped Scooter and the sentiment up on foam tape, then the other larger circles are popped up on two layers of foam tape.  Hope Scooter's feeling lucky today!

As promised, here are the books I've been reading recently:
Book #11:The Double Bind by Chris Bohjalian Like most of his books (he also wrote Midwives), there was a twist that I didn't see coming, but I'm not sure it was worth reading the entire book just for that twist.
Book #12: The Internet is a Playground by David Thorne.  Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, just go immediate to Amazon and buy this book.  It is laugh-out-loud, "wait, wait, you gotta hear this part" read-out-loud hilarious by the author of Missing Missy (which, if you haven't read that yet, click that link now, man!)
Book #12.25: Moby-Duck by Donovan Thorne. I say .25 because I read about 100 pages and could not see myself being interested in another 400.  It's called EDITING.  Yes, you can talk about a lot of different topics and get sidetracked, but if you want to learn how to do it right, read Mary Roach.
Book #13: Remember the Sweet Things by Ellen Greene.  A sweet memoir about a wife who keeps a list of all the small little nice things her husband does.  It started as a magazine article, and that was probably the length it needed to be.
Book #14: The Devil and Sherlock Holmes by David Grann.  A collection of articles, some of them fascinating, some a bit too "underworldy" for my taste.  Would recommend for a library rental.
Book #15: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. This book just made me so darn happy.  Lincoln, who is hired to read emails that are flagged by security software, starts to fall in love with one of the flagged email authors.  You will probably have to buy multiple copies, because once you loan it to one of your friends, she will end up loaning it to one of her friends, etc, and then you will never get it back, which is OK because that means more people are enjoying the happiness that is this book.

Hook me up with your recommendations in the comments--summer is quickly approaching (and I heard rumors of a Kindle approaching as well!).


Karen H. said...

Love this card! Good luck!! You should definitely make the team!

Books - I've been playing Sudoku instead of reading because when I read I do nothing else and with end of school and vacation rapidly approaching, I have things to do, lol. I did purchase the Game of Thrones (by George Martin) and Forgotten Garden (by Kate Morton) based on high recommendations of other folks. I'm also reading the Outlander Series (by Diana Gabaldon). I can also recommend Beekeeper's Apprentice by Laurie Russell.

~amy~ said...

This is just plain a-dorable!

Emily Leiphart said...

You're awesome, Meg! If this doesn't get you a DT spot, I don't know what will. I love everything about this card - the design, the various popped dots, the dog (amazing fussy cutting, BTW - I thought he was pencil crayoned), white embossing, lots of white space. Sigh.

Thanks for the book reviews. You know I'm reading 'Blind Descent' if you like that genre. I can't put it down and that's saying a lot!

Lindsey said...

Good luck, Meg -- this looks like a winner of a card to me! Love the dimension and bright colours, and look at that clean white embossing! All round (HA!) awesomeness.
I just started reading Alone in the Classroom, which is not really a book about how we teachers slave on after all the kids go home, but a murder mystery, family history, back-and-forth-in-time kind of book. Very good so far.

Sue from Oregon said...

Darling card Meg, Good are a natural with the CAS style! &heart; Sue

Sue from Oregon said...

♥ :)

Crafty Math Chick said...

Awesome layout Meg! I hope you make the team!

Angela said...

Right on! Looks like a sure thing to me :)

Love those bubbles.

I'm sure I already mentioned it, but I read Bossypants, and it was super-fun. I'm currently reading a book a certain someone sent me :)

I have a big summer reading stack waiting for me, though -- I'll be sure the keep you up-to-date!

Jocelyn said...

Yeah for you trying out for the DT again! This card is *just* awesome!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Crafty Cre8tions said...

Best of luck getting a spot - you surely deserve it!!!!! That card is ADORABLE!!!

Thanks for the book recommendations. I bought like 30 recently b/c Borders closed a bunch of stores up here in CT. I just finished "The Help" but I'm sure you've read that already.

I'm reading "The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks" right now. Only 1/4 in but I really like it so far!!!


Anonymous said...

Ergh, Blogger is still having trouble with commenting - but it seems that Anon. comments will go through, so here's another try!
The Double Bind's twist caught me by surprise, but like you, I'm not sure the rest of the book was worth it. Maybe if I had a love affair with The Great Gatsby? Generally I love his books, though. I so enjoy your book reviews - there's always something I've read, and something for me to look for :)
I wanted to let you know that I tagged you with a Versatile Blogger award. I don't comment often, I know, but I visit all the time & enjoy your blog immensely!
Here's my post: