Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm Awesome!

Teehee, you're allowed to think that on your birthday, right?  Especially when you get cards like these:
That's right, my DH made this for me!!  Isn't it the sweetest?  He did it all himself, including finding the stamps in my crazy stamping room.  He even saved the punched hearts for me to use.  The stamp is from Eat Cake Graphics and the sentiment is from Cloud 9.
Now that's what I call a glamorous card!  Even cooler, Angela letterpressed it all!  And the black pattern continues to the back of the card.  The texture makes it seem so elegant!  Plus, she packed it with all sorts of embossed and letterpressed sheets for me to use, as well as some Martha twine!  Nothing like an envelope full of stamping joy!
This beautiful card was a Birthday RAK from Pam, aka 4everstamping.  It is so beautiful; I love the gold paper and the wonderful coloring.  She inspires me to start sending out more RAKs; I've been a bit remiss!

Speaking of remiss, I've been honored to have received two blogging awards recently.  Melina gave me the Cherry on Top Award a couple weeks ago, but I never had time to properly post it and pass it on since school started.  Then today Emily gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award, so I'm going to go ahead and combine them for my post today.
To accept this award I need to do a few things:
1. Thank the person who gave it...
Thank, Melina!  Sorry it took me so long to post it, but it really brightened my first week of school when you gave this to me! 
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog
3. List three things which you love about yourself...
I'm smart, funny, and I try to find joy in the little things.

4. Post a picture that you love...

5. Tag 5 people you'd like to give this award to...
I'm going to wait and tag 7 people for the next award, so all seven can pick up both awards. :)

As a recipient of this award, I need to tell you seven facts about myself and then pass the award on to seven other bloggers.

1. I'm a dog lover.
2. I teach high school math.
3. My favorite movie is It's A Wonderful Life.
4. I've been to 23 states and 11 countries.
5. I've been stamping for 2 years.
6. My favorite book is Otherwise Engaged by Suzanne Finnamore.
7. I'm currently addicted to The Office and Tough Sudoku.

Seven bloggers I'd like to pass both awards onto:
1. Melina at Crafty Scrapper
2. Emily at Art from the Heart
3. Angela at Paper Cupboard
4. Maria at Crafty Creations
5. Emily at My Little Slice of Bliss
6. Cheryl at She Stamps
7. Charlene at Paper and Ink Playground
7.5 Karen at Carefree Creations

Whew, thanks for sticking with me through this long post!  I hope y'all know how much every card, comment and visit warms my heart!  Have a great rest of the weekend!


Crafty Math Chick said...

I missed your birthday! I AM SO SORRY! I didn't know! Now I feel horrible! :( I hope your day wasextra special and filled with wonderfulsurprises (like that super fab card Ian made for you ALL BY HIMSELF - I am SO showing this to my husband "SEE?!! HER husband made her a card for her birthday..." Your birthday was on VSN this year - mine is going to be on World Card Making Day! WOOT!


Melina said...

Happy Birthday Meg! sweet of your DH to make you a birthday card! :)
Thank you ;)

Karen H. said...

Happy Birthday Meg! Your hubby is so sweet making you a card!

Emily Leiphart said...

Awwww, I love that Ian made you a card!!! I know the amazing feeling since Chris knows he HAS to make me cards. LOL I love all your RAKs - they're awesome! I'm just bummed mine didn't make it to you in time. However, you'll be able to extend your celebrations just a bit. Thanks SO much for the Cherry on Top Award!! Wow, two awards in one weekend. I better not plan anything for next weekend. Heehee. ;D

Emily Leiphart said...

I forgot to say, that is THE. CUTEST. PICTURE. of you kissing Ian. I love the look on his face!

Angela said...

I'm with Em -- that photo is absolutely adorable! So is Ian's card. If both of you have card-making hubbies, I think I should too -- hmm, time to drop a hint!
Thanks for the awards! I hope I can re-gift ;)
I certainly hope your birthday was as perfect as possible!

Emily Keaton said...

Happy belated birthday, Meg!! Hope it was fabulous :). What a sweet hubby to make you a surprise BDay card all by his lonesome--and braving your stamping domain to do it!! Kudos to Mr. Corgi!!

And thanks a bunch for both the Cherry on Top and Beautiful Blogger awards!! It's a busy post-vacation week, but I'm hoping to be able to "accept" them on my blog by the weekend.

I hope school is going well for you!! My kids head back next Tuesday. Summer is too short!!

Crafty Creations said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you!!! I just got back into town!!!
Aww, how sweet of your hubby!! My hubby made his own card for me two years ago and was feeling guilty that he didn't make one last year! ha ha

What great cards you received too! I hope you had a wonderful day. You are like the 4th blog I visited where gals were having a birthday!!! Must of been some New Year's Eve for all the parents - huh?? lol
Thank you for the award. I'm trying to catch up and get back in the swing of things - hopefully I can 'accept' it shortly!!!
Thank you again :)

Charlene said...

Aw...thanks, Meg! I adore that photo of you and your honey and what a great card he made for you! Gotta love a guy who can play with paper and glue. You are a blessed woman and beautiful blogger. Thanks again for the award..passing it on. Happy Birthday!