Monday, August 8, 2011

Bookmarks and books

My mother-in-law likes books.  A lot.  As in, she works at the Library of Congress.  So for her birthday I knew I had to send her this card, but I also wanted to make a gift set of cards for her using Papertrey Ink's All Booked Up set.  I never know quite what to do with that Mat Stack 1 die, so I went looking for some inspiration and found this lovely card by Stephanie.  After trying about 25 different sheets of patterned paper, this is my version:
 I used mostly October Afternoon Campfire, along with PTI's Distressed Dots and OA Thrift Shop (I think?) for the damask paper.  Hint: place the bookmark in the soon-to-be pocket (not too far down, though), and use some removable tape to hold everything in place.  Then when you sew up the edges, it won't be too tight to fit the bookmark into the pocket. Here are some pairs with their bookmarks:
And here they are all wrapped up (I also made four extra bookmarks for her to use):
Seems like this post is just calling for some book reports, doesn't it?  (Click on the book to be taken to its amazon page)
Book #28: Okay, technically this was probably book #25, but I had completely forgotten about reading it.  I think that says it all about how good it was.
Book #29: The Disappearing Spoon is a collection of stories about the elements of the periodic table.  I definitely enjoyed reading it and feel a little bit smarter, but I would recommend reading it in small doses--he packs a lot of information into this book! 
Book #30: GAH!  I remembered Seabiscuit being good, but I forgot about it being this good. After reading Unbroken to Mr Corgi; we decided to read this next and dare I say it is better than Unbroken?  If you haven't read it yet, go read it!  If you have read it, go read it again!  Three cheers for Biscuit!
Book #31: I bought Lost on Treasure Island when it was on sale for $.99 and I think I overpaid.  Okay, I take that back, the first three or four chapters were probably worth $.99.  Then he started  attending AA meetings to pick up girls, but then he started to attend them to really attend them, and then it turned into pages and pages of bad choices and belly button gazing.
Book #32: I thought this might make a good beach read, but it was pretty meh.

Book #33: Now this is a novel, my friend.  I don't know how he packed so much into 352 pages.  It tells the story of a Newfoundland town over the course of many generations.  If you're reading it on the Kindle, go ahead and copy down the family tree at the beginning.  I did notice it got a lot of mixed reviews on amazon, but I would still recommend it if you like sweeping family sagas.

I love hearing what you're reading, so let me know in the comments!


Tracey said...

What a WONDERFUL set!!!!

Crafty Cre8tions said...

Your MIL is going to LOVE LOVE LOVE this gift!!

I LOVE it!!!! I haven't bought that mat stack die/stamp set...but seeing your work, I'm tempted!

Love your paper choices. Especially that damask!

Thanks again for the book reviews.

I have to tell you..........I've been Thanking You over here in CT for sending me A Dog's definitely helped me this past week and weekend regarding Layla's passing.


Crafty Math Chick said...

These are terrific Meg! I am so impressed you have time to stamp while teaching - when I was lucky enough to have a full time teaching job I was too exhausted to craft very often. I wish I could share the title of some AMAZING book, but currently, the only thing I am reading is your blog (BA!!!) I really want to read I am Number Four since I want to find out when is going to happen next in the sequel with 'Number 6'. Waiting for it to come out in paperback. I prefer paperback to hardcover personally. Plus it is better for our weight allowance for every time we move move move... Cheers to a wonderful start to a new school year - may it be the best yet!

Smilie girl said...

There is always room for more bookmarks, especially pretty ones like these. I'm sure your MIL will love them.
I enjoy your book reviews. It keeps expanding my reading horizon. I'm reading at present Anne Perry's Acceptable Loss from the Monk detective series. Sometimes it seems very black and bleak and drags on but now in the second half it has started to move along again.
And I am very taken with your little Dorg-i. :) Thank you for your comments too.

Lindsey said...

This bookmark set is utterly gorgeous, Meg! As you can imagine, I have coveted that PTI set for awhile now, but even more so with the way you've used it!
Books... read an anthology of post-apocalyptic short stories (yes, cheery), the new Jeffrey Deaver Bond book, and am currently on a Dennis Lehane anthology. And Mr. Bashful's reading Unbroken, a birthday present! :)

Charlene said...

Fabulous idea, Meg! I got to play with OA Campfire paper for May Arts and LOVE it. Now I guess I have to have those PTI stamps...sigh.

Karin said...

Ok, how amazing! Loved the card from the previous post...Total genius and I love the paper/color combo on these. Have this set, now I must case you :)

Maggie said...

this is really gorgeous what a great gift for a reader...
I will be honored if you will add this project in our weekly linking party every Wednesdays at
Have a great week,

onecraftymama said...

If any post called for book reviews...what a cool gift set! Love the matchy-ness of the cards & bookmarks. I think my favourite is the one with "there is nothing like a good book" - without them I'd lose my mind.
I've got to look up Galore - Newfoundland? Family saga? Yup. I've really got to read something good...lately I'm stuck in thrillers (mostly meh) and serial mysteries (also meh).

Jocelyn Olson said...

These are so amazing! Love the patterned papers you used. Good tip on how to attach the bookmarks...I would have gotten lazy and stuck them in the card :)

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

Hi Meg! I am super excited to get caught up on your blog. I am sorry that you didn't win Gallery Idol, but you are MY Gallery Idol, for sure. Your projects were stunning. I was seriously blown away by your creativity and talent. What an honor to make the top 5!!!! You rock, girlie!
Your bookmarks are fab, and I loved reading your reviews. This summer I am revisiting the classics. I haven't had as much time to read as I thought I would, but I have re-read Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Bram Stoker's Dracula and all of his other vampire books. Don't know what I will read next as far as old classics. Any suggestions? I thought about reading Huck Finn to my oldest or Tom Salyer. There is a "banned" book section on my classics app, so that sounds a bit intriguing too! :)

Emily Leiphart said...

Meg, this gift set is incredible! I love how you used Stephanie K.'s idea but made it your own with the beautiful papers. Your MIL is going to LOVE them, especially with those spare bookmarks! Thanks for the book reviews. I love reading your reviews because I never know what I'm going to read next. Unbroken and Seabiscuit are definitely on my wish list.

Sue from Oregon said...

I am sure your MIL will enjoy these! Hey, send me your address and I will send you a blank project sheet if you would like!
Sue K

Angela said...

Oh, the mix of patterns. And the pockets. And the bookmarks. Perfect! I'll be pinning this one, for sho!

Thanks for the book recs, too! Galore sounds pretty amazing!

I've had a bit of a cookbook obsession this summer, but I won't bore you with that (unless you harbor a secret cooking obsession I don't know about).

Jen W. said...

Ack! I love these especially the bright colours and patterns! And I'm so excite to find a fellow reader! I've had Seabiscuit forever and never read it but I will be digging it out now. Am just finishing "The Passage" by Justin Cronin. It totally sucked away the last few days of my life. Read it. Also recently enjoyed "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" by Rebecca Skloot, "The Aliensit" by Caleb Carr, "Scent of the Missing" by Susannah Charleson and "Lizzie's War" by Tim Farrington.

Jen W. said...

And "One Good Dog" by Susan Wilson which only dog people can really appreciate. The last line of the prologue put a big grin on my face.

raena said...

Your comment about book #28 made me laugh. I actually read the book twice. I didn't realize that I had already read it until I have almost half way into it the second time. At that point, I thought I was far enough through that I should just go ahead and finish it.