Monday, August 1, 2011

Gallery Idol Final Round: Totally Rad!

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I'm, like, so totally stoked to be in the top five, dudettes!  I was waiting for someone to go "psych!" right after I found out! 

But since no one did, that meant I had to make a "party trio."  And since I've been at the beach all week (did my super secret robber-thwarting scheduled posts fool you?), I only had Sunday afternoon to pull everything together.  It was a little wild at the Corgi household for a few hours, especially since I've run out of both "good" white paper and ATG tape!  I went with an Eighties party theme and here is my trio:

In the Eighties, it was not a party until you brought out your pink radio!   I think it was the standard birthday gift for everyone I knew for a year, along with the Cocktail soundtrack.  So to get this party trio started, I made the radio card using my Silhouette.
If you're a bit fuzzy on the original, you can see it here on the Victoria and Albert museum website, which just makes my day that it is on there.  I made the entire radio (except the cassette tape) from scratch in Silhouette Studio, even trying the print-and-cut feature for the first time (which is awesome).  I scored the tape deck at the bottom and only attached the bottom portion so it opens to pull out the cassette:

You could easily put a twenty dollar bill in the cassette (definitely no gift cards in the Eighties, although they might have been better than trying to return 3 extra Cocktail soundtracks to Sam Goody's).

And what tune always gets a party started?
I modified a Silhouette studio bag download by enlarging it to take up two sheets and adding the song title cut-out.  Cutting the letters out of the bag and then backing it with a different color is about 1,000 times easier than trying to adhere each letter, my friend.  Plus it looks cooler, too, right?

Finally, I had great plans for a roller skate candy holder...which probably would have worked better if I had some "good" white paper.  Although I'm thinking now I could have adhered two sheets of "crap" white paper together to make it stronger but that is now, and this is then:

In real life it's a little lot wobbly.  I had a roller skate image from this Skate On card, so I just enlarged it and added some stripes and a velcro strap because, duh, it's the Eighties!  Doesn't hearing that rrrrrrrrrip just take you back in time?  I cut out two skates and sandwiched a box between them.  Then I went to fill the box up with Hersey's kisses and someone thought that was a good time to bring up how center of gravity works.  This is Gallery Idol, Mr Corgi; I've got no time for your science jibber-jabber!   Instead, I folded some skinny strips of paper into "L"s and adhered one to the back of each wheel to give it at least a little bit more stability (and then, shhh, filled most of the box with tissue paper and just put some kisses on top). 

I really am pinching myself over here--I cannot believe I've made it into the final round, especially with all the fabulously talented gals that have been playing!  And it's all thanks to YOU so I have a special present for you to enjoy:
Photo from Zooborns
Ok, so you don't get to keep him, but isn't seeing that little koala face enough of a present?  I thought so.  "What's that, Unnamed Koala Joey?  You'd like everyone to go vote?  Well, if you say so, Unnamed Koala Joey!" 

UKJ also wanted me to tell you to come back and visit tomorrow because I have even more exciting news to share!


Angela said...

Like, Ohmigod! I think it is SO RAD that you totally made all of this in one afternoon!

Seriously, though: a perfect pink tape deck? (V&A approved, no less.) A Lauperesque gift bag? AND A ROLLER SKATE CANDY HOLDER? You know that's my fave, gravity be darned.

I'm so having a cow right now! You are amazing.

Jennifer Rzasa said...

So cute, Meg! It's been so much fun going through this GI journey with you! Good luck :)

Jaclyn Miller said...

Love it Meg and kudos to you for making it so quickly. I just love that pink radio and your post is cracking me up. Good luck!

Karen H. said...

ACK - stop the flashbacks!!

Love this trio - like, totally awesome. Good luck!! (not that you need it ;)

Crafty Cre8tions said...

Another stunning project!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! Definitely brings me back to the 80's!!!

I had those skates!!!!! But, my boombox was black!!!! I love that the cassette comes out too!!!!

Great work, Good Luck and I'm all voted!!!!

Sarah said...

Totally inspired combination! It takes me back. (And I, too, ran out of the good white cardstock during Idol. Next time, I order in bulk.)

Lindsey said...

Just the totally awesome creations we would expect from our Gallery Idol Meg! This is, like, totally rad. :D I love the little pop-out cassette in the tape deck card. Best of luck!!!

Christine said...

Congratulations Meg for making it to this stage in the contest. Love your entry for this week. I just wanted to stop by and say good luck to a fellow Hoover resident.

Cristina said...

Oh no! No good white paper! Travesty! But you pulled through big time. Kick out the jams!

~amy~ said...

Love it!!! Great theme!

Sue from Oregon said...

I am so excited for you! Very very cool! Such a great party pack! Now tell me...what do you use for good white paper???

Jenny said...

Your so talented Meg..... I luuurve the eighties theme radio, such a blast from the past :)
ROFL at Mr Corgi's scientific interjection :)
That sweet little Koala face is the best pressie ever!
Jenny x

Tenia Nelson said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! tfs!!! The koala is sooooooooo darn cute too!!!

Emily Leiphart said...

Meg, I can't tell you how much I love this and I think it would make a GREAT birthday gift for Ang! ;) Cyndi Lauper was a favourite of mine and I LOVE the retro colours! That tape deck that opens is the coolest. You rock, in more ways than one. Awww, and I want to take that little UKJ home with me! :D

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

OMGOSH! You outdid yourself on this fab project, Meg! I am pirating someone's internet out in the street so that I can vote for you while I am on my vacation. My husband and children think I am totally bonkers, but oh well! Off to vote now!!!! :)

Renee VanEpps said...

You've had my vote for every round including this one!!! LOVE this project (and the present!). I'm off to vote and send u on a cruise??

diana said...

Great projects! Hope you're dancing to that song on a cruise ship soon. ;-)

Sharon said...

Love it, I had blue skates and a yellow boom box but lol I loved the Cocktail soundtrack. Love your work and I hope you get on that cruise!

onecraftymama said...

How did I not make it here to comment already? Shame on me. I went & voted immeeeeediately. This is hands-down the coolest, awesomest, most radical entry of the bunch. The others are nice, but this is far too far-out :) Even MY hubby liked it best - whoa.
UKJ could possibly be a new mascot - he could report from your cruise or something. I like it :)

Jocelyn Olson said...

Hee hee! Sorry I'm just now looking at the G.I. posts (I'm a little slow), but when I saw the still in the PC blog, your trio jumped out! Too funny! We must have both been listening to too many 80s tunes this weekend :)Love the roller skate--good times.

Chris Millar said...

Hi, I think your entry was awesome and would have loved to see you win also!