Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rain-delayed Fourth

We had some nasty storms come through yesterday afternoon, which resulted in losing power for about an hour and half, which meant I-gasp-actually stamped an entire card.  But you don't get to see that today.  Instead you get to see a couple of cards I made for Splitcoaststamper's CAS July 4th Holiday Challenges. They have 22 different challenges posted (along with some fabulous inspiration cards!).  You have until July 8th to play along, so you should!

This one is for Lisa Lara's "what a melon" color challenge of red, pink, green, and white, as well as fionna51's tea challenge:
Since my husband is addicted to Earl Grey, I thought this poster would make the perfect card for him.  Yes, it's foam taped again, which, yes, means I had to foam tape those stupid "A" triangles again.  I did use a little trick for the "steam" dots: I cut them out of adhesive-backed paper, then very carefully cut around them and lifted the backing off.  If you're very careful, the dots will stay in the main sheet until you press them down onto the card, then you can peel away the unused portion, and voila, your dots are perfectly adhered in your precise pattern.

This next card is for another of Fionna51's challenges; this time it was to use something sparkly.

(yes, I call my husband "babes" with an s. I can't explain it.)  I'm thinking of using "you light me up!" for the inside sentiment, but am open to better suggestions.  To make this, I used a rhinestone template from the silhouette store, designed the card in the silhouette software, then cut it out to use as a stencil on my cardbase, like so:
I didn't tape it to my face; it's an ad from the magazine I was using to tape everything down to because I am milking my SU grid paper pad for all that it's worth.  Am I the only one that gets excited when it's finally time to turn to a new sheet?  And then gets sad when something gets on that new sheet, even though that is its purpose in life? No?  That's just me?  Ok, uh, then let's just go back to the card: I drew some lines to help me remember what dots were which color, then went to town filling in the circles with stickles.  Cutting out the words also provides perfect placement of the separate letters, too. If you're smart, you'll adhere those before you get started on the stickles (of course I did the stickles first).  The silver letters are metallic paper and the red ones are foil paper from DCWV.

One more picture before I head back to stamping.  Addison is not a fan of the thunderstorms.  Or firecrackers.  Or cats.  To help with the first two, we bought her a thundershirt, and it certainly got a workout yesterday:

Teehee!  I tried to get a back view because it's pretty funny--all her hair sprouts up at the top like a historical ruffled collar. Good times. Good times.


Crafty Cre8tions said...

Poor Addison...........my Lily hates storms and fireworks, so it was a terrible weekend for her!!!

Just love the two cards!! That firework burst card is TERRIFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be back in a few days to check on your other posts!!

Jen said...

Your cards are so cute...Poor Addison, my Jasmine is the same way. Fireworks were driving her crazy last night poor thing was stuck to my leg.

Emily Keaton said...

These cards are totally cool, Meg!! I love the steam on your lovely tea card, and the fireworks one is just awesome. So creative! Poor Addison. I hope she survived the thunderboomers OK.

Smilie girl said...

I'm so glad you love cutting. These are terrific cards.
Your poor puppy. Forgive me, I've never heard of a thunder coat before. How does it help?

Emily Leiphart said...

Awww, heehee, what shame is there in being so cute? ;) Addie looks cozy and as cute as ever. I hope the thundershirt helped! As for your cards, I'll never tire of anything you make with the Silhouette. I love that tea poster and the fireworks card is so sexy!

Lindsey said...

Massive amounts of brilliance on display here! Love the tea card with its perfect swirl of steam. Your stickled fireworks are awesome! And Addison looks super-hero brave in his thundershirt. :P

onecraftymama said...

All I could think reading "Thundershirt Shame" was Dug from "UP" saying "I do not like the cone of shame." My guess is the pressure of the jacket helps calm her nervous system? Works with lots of kids with autism, so why not dogs? You're going to have to tell us next time around :)
I love that you make your hubby so many things - I hope that he does too.

Karin said...

Meg! I just saw that you are a finalast at Papercrafts for your fab house! Congrats and yipee!

Debbie Carriere said...

Fabulous cards!!! Congrats on being in the Top 20 for the Gallery Idol!!!! Fantastic entry :). Good luck!

onecraftymama said...

Meg! I squealed when I saw your AWESOME house made it to the Top 20! I'm so excited for you, and I'm stoked to vote you all the way to #1 :) WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!

Laura B. said...

congrats to you! your house card was DROP DEAD AMAZING!! I stared at it for a LONG time! how did you do that??? Can't wait to see what you do next! good luck:)

Angela said...

Oh, queen of die-cutting, what will you think of next?
Addie looks very brave in her thundershirt. Cats don't seem to care much about fireworks, after the first one or two at least. A sign of superiority? Perhaps ;)