Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bathroom Redo!

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(If you're looking for my gallery idol sofa card, you can see it in this post!)

We interrupt this paper craft blog to bring you the following DIY bathroom redo.  For the past few days weeks, my husband and I have been slowly working to update our guest bath.  It wasn't too shabby to begin with, but after I've been wanting to frame our mirrors after seeing this Southern Hospitality blog post and we decided that the smaller bathroom would be a good trial before the master.  So it went from this:

Ok, we did have doors, but I forgot to take the before picture before taking them off.  The artwork is a post-it that says "modern art" because I didn't like how my photo looked in that frame, so I was going to take it to get professionally framed, but I didn't want to leave a blank spot on the wall, especially since I've been meaning to get it framed for oh, about the last four months.  ANYWAY, here is the after:
Upgrade!!  We I painted the cabinets using Martha Stewart Burl-it's a beautiful dark brown.  They were laminate, so I'm not sure how well they'll hold up, but I've seen other success stories on the web, so fingers crossed.  You can also see in the mirror that I now have my picture up, and I even used the same frame, but I painted it with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze finish.  It really classed up the cheap frame.  Here's another shot of the mirror and sink:
First, no, I don't know why the towel ring isn't centered; it was like that when we bought the house.  The clock is Martha from Kmart a long time ago.  The faucet is new (on sale at Lowe's).  I spray painted the photo frame and I also spray painted the foam soap dispenser a la House of Hepworths.  For the mirror, we followed the directions from the previously-mentioned Southern Hospitality and it worked great!  Ok, no, actually, someone thought that real wood would work fine since that was all Home Depot had, even though someone else mentioned that the blog post specifically said to get composite.  But then when we finally did follow her directions, it worked out great.  I think it's quite the upgrade for about $200, the faucet being the largest chunk of that.

What DIY projects have you taken on recently?


Karin said...

I hate do it youself projects, mostly because I suck at them :) Only do them when totally necessary, but yours is AWESOME! And that same faucet (yes from Lowe's!) is in my bathroom too, so totally love it. Voted 4 u today as well... I heart that sofa!

Crafty Cre8tions said...

Great DIY!!!! What a gorgeous transformation!!!

We haven't done ANY projects lately. We spent the first 10 years of marriage doing FIVE huge renovations...........so I'm done w/ the DIY.

Now it's HTG (hire that guy) !!!


Charlene said...

Beautiful, Meg. We begin the Master bath renovation in Sept. We hired help though.

We framed two huge mirrors in the guest baths. The appraiser even noted it so you done good!

Good luck on the Gallery Idol.

Sue from Oregon said...

I have gutted 2 bathrooms and layed tile etc...not fun but love that they are all done!

Angela said...

Well done! We've done too many diy projects to count -- most with my dad's help, so I guess they're more diywh -- that's "with help." Have you seen before/after photos of our kitchen? That's by far the biggest deal. Bathrooms are up next, though!

Emily Leiphart said...

It's gorgeous! I love it!! Green and brown is one of my favourite combinations.

Lindsey said...

Beautiful reno Meg -- I love the look of the framed mirror! Nicely done.

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

EEEEK! This looks fabulous, Meg! We are getting ready to redesign our master bedroom and bathroom. I have been talking to hubby about painting our bathroom cabinets a very dark brown, and he is one the fence. Can't wait to show him how yours turned out!!!
He said it is "silly" to buy new cabinets since we built the house only 7 years ago, but I am ready for a change! This may be the compromise! Your bathroom turned out beautifully!

onecraftymama said...

love it! I would love my bath to be green!
No DIY around here, unless you count putting together the prefab wardrobe cupboard for the kitchen. I have raw drywall in my kitchen from when DH did our roof about 6 years ago & had to re-wall? the kitchen. And we have all the supplies to build a room in the basement - and have had them for 3.5 years. DIY is all about the planning here, not so much about the executing. Harumph. I'm thinking I like the idea of HTG. A lot.

Karel said...

Simply wonderful transformation. Great job!