Thursday, July 8, 2010

im in ur stamp room

...makin one layer cards.

Ok, so I'm a bit addicted to lolcats and loldogs and, yes, sometimes accidentally slip into lolspeak. I ended up using it on two of my three one-layer cards for Susan's One Layer Wednesday challenge to "be funny!" Could these two monster be any more adorable? And of course they're colored in green and pink, because that is what my DH and I wearing in almost every photo of us as a couple. I stamped the two monsters (from a Micheal's set) using versamark on SU Not Quite Navy, then clear embossed. I then colored them using prismacolor pencils. I spelled out the sentiment with The Cat's Pajamas Coolvetica set, and again versamarked & clear embossed. I can hardly wait to give it to my DH!!

No, I don't know when I'd give this card to someone for real, but I've just come up with about 27 scenarios in my head where I end up mailing this to someone that has annoyed me. Although my DH and I use this phrase a lot in response to being proven wrong by the other[1], so maybe I'll use it for an ironic "I'm sorry" card. The cat is from Eat Cake Graphics, colored with copics; the sentiment is again TCP Coolvetica.
Teehee, another Eat Cake Graphic image that cracks me up! I stamped her onto SU Almost Amethyst and colored with prismacolor pencils. The sentiment is also from ECG, stamped in Memento Sweet Plum. I think the ric-rak came from a grab bag, because I know I would never knowingly buy ric-rak or purple.

[1] I give you this dramatic re-enactment as an example of the proper use of "whatev."
scene: our kitchen, after finding a tick on Addison that had not burrowed into her yet
DH (smooshing tick with paper towel): This thing won't die!
Me: Spray it with hairspray! That always works.
DH: No, it's still going. I think you have to set it on fire. Where's the fire stick?
Me: Here it is, and don't you think we should take the paper towel soaked with hairspray outside to set it on fire?
DH: Maybe.
scene: now outside on the concrete patio, me has brought a glass of water to extinguish flames
DH: Fire, heh, heh, fire, fire! Huh. (looks quizzically at fire) Ummmm.....
Me: Would you like this glass of water to put out the ball of flaming paper towels?
DH: Whatev.


Angela said...

LOL! (couldn't resist). My DH thinks lolcats is the stupidest thing ever. I secretly find it hilarious. Whatev. Fun and funny cards, my bloggy friend.

Karen H. said...

LOL - I love these cards! You do so well with one-layer cards. That alpha set is awesome.

My sister taught my girls "whatever" complete with hand flip. They loved your card :)

Crafty Creations said...

Love these! I played today, but my cards aren't posting until Saturday on my blog! I love the middle one the best! That cat walking away is perfect for the "whatev" Too cute!

Crafty Creations said...

Hey Meg - just so you know, when I try to go to your blog from you comment on my blog - it takes me to a blank blog "corgitude" or something like that (from my memory). It's not linking to your current blog: corgi-creations. You may have to change that on your settings if you want to link correctly.

Cheryl said...

Fun, fun, fun! Love your cards. Thank you for putting a smile on my face.

Patti said...

I have to say all 3 cards are a work of art but my fave is the cat! So cute!

Charlene said...

Too funny, Meg! Love the "whatev"! Our youngest learned that at summer camp one year. It about drove me nuts, 'cause I knew he was flipping me off. Thanks for the memory jog.

Susan said...

I love all three cards..but the "whatev" card is my absolute favorite!!! I too, can think of several occasions it would be perfec for!!

Emily Leiphart said...

LOL, Meg, thanks for all the laughs! I LOVE monsters but I don't have any weirdo stamps yet. I'm eyeing some from the Doodlefactory! The cat one is hilarious because of the butt. Cute butt shots are the best! :D

Colleen said...

So-o-o cute. Great job, Meg! LOVE the "whatev".

Susan said...

LOVE the cat card!!!! I saw it on SCS & had to come to your blog to comment!