Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Warm Hearts!

I just love these dog stamp sets from There She Goes.  I actually got this set as an incentive after another TSG dog card was published in PaperCrafts last year.  It's like the circle of life.  Or the circle of dog stamps.  This is (if I remember correctly) 4bar size, which is 3½ by 4⅞ (<-- look at me all HTML fractiony!) I made a mask of the snowman and doggie so I could use my Hero Art envelope background stamp.  I usually do ok at masking small things, but when every I try to use a background stamp over masking I always end up with a white border around my masking--any hints on what I'm doing wrong?  I'm using a post-it, so I don't think it's a thickness issue.  Should I be trimming on the inside of my shape more?

Anyway, I still liked it even with the aura, so I did some quick Copic coloring and added some Stickles, then I totally copied Angela's first published card by highlighting "warm hearts" with a copic since (a) it was a thank you note and (b) that was better than crossing out "frosty nights" since I'm not really a big fan of those. 

Speaking of warming hearts, I have some fun Christmas RAKs to share! 
Look at those mathy hexagons!  And that cute striped bow!  Thanks, Angela!
Seriously, can you believe that coloring?!?  No wonder Maria is now a part of the Eat Cake Graphics design team!
Clean.  Simple.  With a touch of glitter.  Must be another great card from Lindsey!
Oooh, it's a card AND a gift all in one!  Emily sure knows how to pack a lot of punch into one envelope; she even included this thank you, too:

Oh, I see how Jessi's going to be.  Not only does she make the perfect pup card with fun snowy accents, but she also paper pieced the same doggy on the envelope! 

This last card is not a stamped card, but a store-bought one we received from Mr Corgi's cool Seattle aunt.  After opening this one, I decided I should just give up cardmaking because this is cardmaking perfection:
PEOPLE IT IS PRINTED ON WOOD AND IT INVOLVES A RED BUG, PINK PIG, AND A FOX THAT HAS CORGI EARS.    The most random part?  It is made by Night Owl Paper Goods, which, as I read the back of the card, is based in Birmingham, Owlabama.   Which means not only are they based in my CITY, but they even made a PUN FOR MY STATE.  I wonder if they need an intern.... 

Hope your hearts are staying warm wherever you are!


Maria@Crafty Cre8tions said...

Ok - first off.............LOVE that doggy in your card!!! Looking ever so cute with his scarf - or her scarf, since it looks pink!!! :)

For masking, I try to split the black line of the stamped image, which is tough when the lines are really thin - but the closer you cut inside the black line, the better result (I have found)

What fun cards you rec'd and you are so nice to me :)
How great about the last card being made from your City!!! I think you should TOTALLY inquire!!!!!!!


Jenny said...

I love this little doggy too and your published card with him on was so cute, as is this one!
I know what you mean about the white border...I'll have to try cutting inside the black line too :)
Gorgeous RAK's, thanks for sharing them :)
Jenny x

Jenny said...

I love this little doggy too and your published card with him on was so cute, as is this one!
I know what you mean about the white border...I'll have to try cutting inside the black line too :)
Gorgeous RAK's, thanks for sharing them :)
Jenny x

Emily Keaton said...

Oh, I think that Night Owl *definitely* needs an intern, and you are a shoo-in!!

Awesome cards from all of your crafty friends--and your doggie/snowman card is super sweet! Love getting my daily dose of mathiness on your blog. MUST learn how to get down with fractions w/HTML!!

Lindsey said...

Awesome dog card, Meg! I love how you used the envelope border as a sky background, aura and all! And wow, did you get some fine Christmas cards from _other_ people. And you could totally recreate that Night Owl card if you wanted. ;) Owlabama, snort. :D

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

Your snowman and dog card is super cute, Meg! All of your RAKS are fun and fabulous, but I LOVE Emily's card. How clever to include bundles of twine as the scarves?


Sue from Oregon said...

So very cute! I love little doggie stamps! This is super Meg! Your RAK's are so inspirational too. Love the new word you made up, had to laugh!

Emily Leiphart said...

Ack, what an awesome post! I love your card and that you masked a background around the image. Smiled at your fractionary HTML, too. To answer your question, yes, you need to cut around the inside of your image.

Such awesome CRAKs! Jessi's yellow snow sentiment cracks me up. And that really is one awesome wooden card! Definitely make an enquiry. ;)

onecraftymama said...

The circle of dog stamps? Sounds like more fun than the circle of down side!
I have no idea re: masking - I just generally avoid it by paper piecing, the same way I try to avoid colouring :)
I'm so glad you like the card...I just *knew* I had to make one for you! And I'm honoured to be included in a post with all these gorgeous creations!
That wood card...holy carp. Owlabama? Hie thee over there. At the very least score yourself a tour of what must be a very fun place to work!

Jen W. said...

I have the same problem with masking. As a result I tend to just avoid it altogether! Perhaps I'll try the trimming inside the line tip... I need some new year's challenges...
Love all the RAKs!

Anonymous said...

adorable snowman and dog card. I love puppies too. :)

Angela said...

Cute cards all around -- both made and received. First time I've ever been called mathy, that's for sure!

Love the highlighted sentiment, of course, along with your adorable pup.

Jocelyn Olson said... cute! I love that snowman. I know what you mean about the white line of masking--I've even tried masking film (thinner than a Post-It), and I still have that problem. Good idea to cut inside the line...What awesome RAKs! You have such great bloggy friends!

Maria@Crafty Cre8tions said...

Just poppin' in to say I miss you! I'm sure you're busy with school - and I could of sent you an email but I decided to go through a blog comment!

Hope all is well :)