Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Belated Thanks!

Eek!  So I had a whole thankful-for-blog-friends post planned for Thanksgiving Day, but then somehow time got away from me before we left to spent the holiday with my parentals (which was loads of fun by the way.  Also, if you are ever having a small Thanksgiving and don't want to do a lot of prep work, I would highly recommend La Madeleine's take-home dinner.  It was SOOO yummy!) and then I've been a bit crazy here the past couple of days since I've been back.

BUT it's never too late to be thankful, right?  I'm thankful for all of my loyal readers who stick around even if I don't post every day (or week).  And I'm thankful for the following blog friends who sent such nice happy mail!

Angela of The Paper Cupboard is a wiz at putting together all sorts of fun elements, like these labels and flower and patterned paper!  The flower is so pretty in real life, I almost want to wear it!

Lindsey of Bashful Blogging sent me this awesome Hallowe'en card (the apostrophe is for her benefit).  I love that swirly purple paper that looks handmade and the glowing vellum moon!

Emily of Art from the Heart sent me this OTTER MATH card to thank me for sending her some silhouette die cuts.  Did you see she even paper pieced that fish!??  Plus did I mentioned it has an OTTER and MATH on it? 

Maria of Crafty Cre8tions sent me the most gorgeous Thanksgiving card. She has magical distress ink powers that I wish I possessed--this card almost looks lit from within!  And I got it right as we were pulling out of the driveway to drive to Houston, so perfect timing!

And speaking of Maria, she recently celebrated a milestone birthday, so I made this birthday card for her:
Ha.  I totally crack myself up.  I used a little print-and-cut magic for the label, with patterned paper adhered behind the 39 and the "th" cut out and glued.  How much do I like Maria?  Well, I cut into my red metallic paper for the "happy birthday."  I think that says it all, doesn't it? 

And speaking of saying it all, I think I'm all done with my thank yous!  I hope to be back later this week (or weekend) with some new Market Street goodies as well as a big project I've been working on for my parents.  Stay tuned and stay thankful! 


Charlene said...

It's never too late to hear a thank you, Meg. A delightful abundance of cards and friends are a gift beyond measure...

Thankful for you!

Jenny said...

Arr bless you Meg and what fabulous RAK's you have to share :)
Your friends card cracked me up too :)the shipping and handling is very reasonable...if we are talking PTI's international shipping rates it would say 9th!!!!
Jenny x

Crafty Cre8tions said...

WOW girl!!!!!! I feel like I should send you some red metallic paper! I'm so honored....and you know I just adored this card!!!!!!!

I showed my friend Cindy today and she cracked up!!!!!!

Now, I just gotta snap my own picture of it and get it on my blog!!!

Thank you again for this super special birthday card! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!


Emily Leiphart said...

Heehee, otter math. I, er, you just crack me up! :P What a great set of cards from friends. I totally love your card for Maria! The *plus shipping and handling is hilarious. Oohhhh, I get it now. LOL

Angela said...

I love the card you made -- so funny!

Thanks for posting -- it's nice to see that cards really do survive the mail :)

Thank YOU, crafty pal!

Lindsey said...

You have some very nice friends in your computer, Meg! Ang used the Market Street wicker (?) bg perfectly, hasn't she? Of course Em's card is hilarious, and gorgeous. Maria's card is beautiful, I can just imagine how even more amazing it is in real life. And your card to her is hilarious! Love the patterned papers... and red metallic paper? Priceless. :D

onecraftymama said...

Jenny's comment made me LOL - PTI charges such an arm & a leg to go outside the US it's not funny!
What a great bunch of cards - totally gorgeous! - and so happy to hear you had a great Thanksgiving :)
Your card for Maria is hilarious - plus shipping and handling? So funny :)
And waitaminute...I got some metallic red paper too! Does that say it too? Finally got some pics so I can get it up on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

fabulous raks!!! and your card is just too darn amazing! seriously love it.