Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Invasion of the Blog Snatchers!

I know, you're going to look at today's cards and think to yourself, what alien has taken over Meg's blog today?  Can you count the number of ways this is Not My Style?
1) White card base (I'm just not a WCB type of gal!)
2) Jewel tones!!  Including PURPLE (PTI's Plum Pudding).
3) PURPLE AND RED.  Living together on the same card!  Right NEXT to each other!  (I was going to include this with #2, but I think it deserved its own bullet point)
4) Massive amounts of imperfection!!  That I LIKE.
Did you spot any others I left off?

I made a set of these for my MIL's birthday.  Here they all are:
I versamarked and white heat-embossed SU's Upsy Daisy on PTI's Scarlet Jewel, Plum Pudding, Ripe Avocado, and Enchanted Evening, then cut out the strips and pasted them back together onto a scrap square of cardstock.  And I must admit, the colors looked pretty good together.  But then I decided to do a little cracked glass technique, and wow, the colors just got so rich and beautiful!  And when I was melting the UTEE (ultra-thick embossing enamel), it melted the original white embossing and made it streak-which I  thought looked all artsy.   I cracked three of them, and the fourth one left alone.  Here's a couple more closeups:

In other Meg news, I recently started devouring books again.  You know how it is when you're reading an "ok" book and it takes forever to finish it?  Then you read a good book and you finish it in a day because you stay up all night reading it?  Then you remember why you liked to read in the first place, and start reading more and more?  And start checking out armloads of books from the library and amazon starts daily dropoffs of used books at your doorstep?

Or is that just me?

Well, the two most recently devoured book have been It Sucked and Then I Cried by Heather Armstrong (of dooce.com)--very funny and very good birth control (ha).  And then I picked up The Personal History of Rachel DuPree by Ann Weisgarber.  Why?  I have no idea.  It's not like I even like historical novels.  But, oh my, once I started it driving home from Atlanta (edit: DH was driving, I was riding!), I stayed up all night to finish it!  Could not put it down.  It was certianly not a story I've read before, and that goes a long way with me.  I would say Sucked is about 4 stars out of 5, and Rachel is definitely a 5 out of 5.

Let me know of any books that have kept you up late recently!


Emily Keaton said...

Meg, these are amazing!! So glad you stepped out of your comfort zone to create these beauties. Getting outside of our cozy, normal boxes is quite good for us sometimes, isn't it?? I need to put cracked glass on my TO DO list!!

Although I do love to read, I have been "off" books for a while (too many magazines right now, and they're easier to pick up and put down), so I can relate to the dry spell. I'm waiting for the voracity to kick in again. Looks like you've found it in spades :)

Emily Leiphart said...

Meg, this is a beautiful set! I love the cracked glass and those jewel colours really do look great together!

As for books, I'm still waiting to get back into reading. I'll put those two books on my wish list to check out! If all our books weren't in storage I'd be able to tell you which ones are totally awesome. :Þ

Crafty Math Chick said...

Your style or not, these look pretty Meg. You know you won blog candy from Emily right?

Kristy Smith said...

Wow Meg I love these! The cracked glass look is SO SO cool! I'm definitely going to have to try this technique!

As far as good books, the last really good ones I've read were "The Book Thief" (Markus Zusak) and "The Shadow of the Wind" (Carlos Ruis Zafon)
I really enjoyed them both! =)

Cheryl said...

These cards are gorgeous! Great job moving out of your comfort zone. She is sure to love them.

Angela said...

Artsy-fart-astic! Love the mix of un-Meg colors and un-Meg techniques -- the end result is very un-Meg, but also very lovely! Man, where did I stash that UTEE? It's gotta be around here somewhere.

I admit, magazines are more my speed these days -- all those dang essays and novels for my classes get in the way. But I'll second Kristy up there -- Shadow of the Wind was pretty neato. Also, if you're looking for more birth control, try The Glass Castle -- another memoir to add to your list. I'm currently waiting for my library to get dooce's book back on the shelf -- thanks for the recommendation!

~amy~ said...

love the card set...you know I haven't tried that technique...maybe I'll give it a go this weekend because I love the look! thanks for the inspiration!!!

Charlene said...

I have the utee but haven't tried this...you are so artsy for being all brilliantly math brained.

I have just finished almost all of Randy Singer's books with "Directed Verdict" being my favorite. Also just read the "Overton Window".

Now it's a little light reading of cookbooks for the holidays. Thanks for popping in to say Hi to Chloe.