Thursday, July 26, 2018

Hello again. (Stamp It! Card Challenge #1)


It's me.

You know, Meg. Meg Craig? I'm known for having a corgi. Now I have two. Luna on the left, Addison on the right:

(Ok, ok, stop begging! I'll show you some puppy pics!)  
Our first picture!
Ears down!
She is seriously one happy and lovey dog!
But that's not why you came here, right? (BTW, thanks for coming here. It's been a while, hasn't it? Hope life has been treating you well.)

You came here for cards. And I'm going to try to make some! 

Honesty time: It's been at least 5 years since I really was all-in on cardmaking. Teaching got in the way, then it was just SO HARD to come back to. I'd have some crafting spurts, but I couldn't remember how to do anything. Where anything was stored. Is that green River Rock or Certainly Celery? Ugh. So it was just A LOT of work every time I went to make a card. Then the card just wouldn't be as good as ones I made 5 years ago (I know, shocker right?). Plus I stopped following almost all stamping blogs and didn't visit Splitcoast, so I didn't even have much inspiration. 

Challenge time: What I do remember loving the most were challenges. Not necessarily to win or get favorites, but just to stretch my mind. But I don't even know what the "hip" challenges are and didn't want to spend hours trying to find one. So here is my challenge to myself: 
There are 66 stamping challenges in this Paper Crafts (RIP) mag from 2013. I'm going to try to attempt at least one a week. (Well, except the one that is "stamp on glitter" because this is a no-glitter household.) Feel free to join me! I'll post the challenge and the card and if you want to play along, leave a comment with a link to your card. I also just noticed that a hashtag would be #SiCC as in, man, did you see Meg's card? It is #sicc, bro! Is instagram a thing with stampers? Maybe this will finally make me join. (I am on twitter @mathymeg07)

Without further ado, I present 

My Triumphant Return To Stamping
(that technically involved no stamps)

Challenge #1: Stamp an image in place of a letter
Who doesn't love a good clean & simple card? Steps:
1. Punched a bajillion leaves using Martha's branch punch. 
2. Iced hand for thirty minutes to recover from punching a bajillion leaves.
3. Used a circle nestie to trace a circle on the card, used a glue pen to glue the branches.
4. Tied the cutest little bow using red twine. 
5. Went through all 300 fonts to find the best J and Y, sized them to match the wreath, and cut using the Silhouette. 
6. Jumped for joy! 

So your homework is:
1) Tell me what blogs I need to follow (including yours)
2) Play along if you want or don't play along if you don't want
3) Be awesome
Luna is nailing #3. 


Tina Palmer said...

LOVE.IT. and love you! :)

Unknown said...

I'm glad you are doing cards again. I have an anniversary coming up in two weeks. Do you have a card challenge for that? #iloveyourcards

Kathryn said...

My card making journey sounds like yours. I petered our when the charity I supported closed and now my stuff is just...ok. Plus, the trends kept changing and I didn’t keep learning with them. And I moved so that meant my crafty stuff was the first to get packed up and last to get unpacked out of practicality.

Glad you are back at it!

1. I love Unity Stamp Company now. They have a “show and tell” page on FB that’s inspiring, in addition to their normal business page. Lots of crafters link their blogs there.
My perennial favorites elsewhere are Sandy Allnock, Jen McGuire, and Kristina Werner. I’m but I rarely post there. I’m just starting to dabble with Insta (shorewoman) but I do see lots of crafters are all in there because it’s quicker than blogging.

Happy stamping!

Angela said...

Ack! What’s this? A blog post? Whaaaaaa???!? Welcome back! Great card, duh. But please hie thee to IG immediately; that’s where most of the fun is happening in stamp land these days. You’ll find all your favorites there (hi! I’m @angelahath) bc ppl don’t comment on blogs much anymore (making an exception for this fine occasion). Yay!

Lindsey said...

Meg!!!! You made a card, and it's awesome! As Ang said, Instagram is where the cool kids post now, plus you can get lots of inspiration... 60 or so weeks from now when you finish all but one of the current challenges you have set yourself. I'll happily recommend the challenges I'm part of! <--- Yes, a challenge where snarky cards aren't just welcomed, they're encouraged!