Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Blog Follower (that's you):  Um, seriously?  She is not going to show more St Patrick's card, is she?  I don't think she even made this many Christmas cards.  I've also seen her use $24 sets less than she's used this $5 PTI Luck of the Irish set!
Blogger (that's me): Yes, yes I am going to show you more St Patrick's Day cards.
Blog Follower: Really?  Why did you not just put all of them in one post?
Blogger: I'm trying to extend the joy of the green, my friend.  Plus I was trying to wait until they reached their destinations, but I guess the last two people will just have to act surprised when they open their mail today or tomorrow.
Blog Follower: I'm not sure if you're using "their" correctly.  It's not their joint mail, is it?
Blogger: Ok, you got me.  I never know what to use in that situation.  But at least I know that you go to an isle for vacation and you go to an aisle to get a new thingamabob at Hobby Lobby.
Blog Follower: Well, I never would mistake one of those for the other!
Blogger: And that's why I'm....
lucky to count you as a friend!
Blog Follower: Wow, that was a lot of effort to get to that card.
Blogger: But wasn't it worth it?  Do you not see that fabulous retired Kiwi Kiss papers and ribbon going on here?  The white embossing?  The multiple dies?
Blog Follower: And the white inking!
Blogger: I know-white inking!  I told you it was worth it.  But should I have corner chomped the top right corner?
Blog Follower: But what if it had not looked good and you already did all the fancy stamping with the PTI vintage labels flourish and all that paper and ribbon adhered?
Blogger: There's the rub, my friend.  So I left it as is.  Hey, want to see yet another card?  If you say yes, I'll tell you a secret afterwards!
Blog Follower: Ooooh, I love secrets!
Blogger: Tada!
Blog Follower: Um, seriously?  Why are you putting black on a St Patrick's Day card?
Blog Follower: Of course it is!  That makes more sense.  Hey, what ink colors did you use?
Blogger: I think Memento New Sprout.  Or maybe SU Certainly Celery.  I know the dark is Peeled Paint Distress ink.
Blog Follower: Yeah, even I know it's Peeled Paint Distress Ink.  I'm a follower and that's the only thing you've mentioned in the all these St Patrick's Day posts.  What's next--a card using Echo Park paper?
Blogger: Uh, way to ruin tomorrow's surprise!
Blog Follower: Oh, was that your secret?
Blogger: No, my secret is that Amuse Art Stamps is having a 50% off EVERYTHING sale with code 50gone!  I think they are going to shut down their web presence and focus only on the new Amuse Studio (which will have its ordering website up and running April 1st). didn't hear it from me, but you can get  some great deals when you click the "sale" category (at the end of the stamp category listing).  We're talking 20 sheets of paper for $2.50!  Stamp sets for $2.50!
Blog Follower: Ok, that was a pretty good secret.  Do you get anything from that sale since you're a demo?
Blogger: No, I'm just that nice.
Blog Follower: Hey, I have one last question.  Are you perhaps wearing sparkley green shamrock antennae right now?
Blogger: You know me too well, Blog Follower.  You know me too well.


Lynne in NI said...

Ohhh fab cards Meg! Hope you have your sparkly green shamrock antennae on too!

Crafty Cre8tions said...

You are too funny!!! And TOO SUPER NICE!!! I loved my card!! Got it today - right on time :)
AND....I opened the card BEFORE I saw the card on the post (not that I would of known the destination).

It is proudly displayed on my window sill :)
Thanks for thanking me :)

Emily Keaton said...

What a fun post, Meg! Your dialogue was terrific. :) Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Enjoy those shamrock antennae!!

Lindsey said...

Hey, sparkly shamrock antennae, meet sparkly shamrock tshirt! :D Two more awesome St. Patrick's Day cards, btw. Love that argyle... it's so not harlequin. ;)

Angela said...

Mmmkay, like Ms. Crafty up there, I also opened my card before reading this post...and after briefly admiring the excellent design, white inking, etc., do you know what my next thought was? "Whoa. She used Kiwi Kiss ribbon on this card. KIWI KISS, people. That's retired. She loves this color. I must be a good friend."
And then I thought, "No, MEG is a good friend!" And a talented one at that. Happy St. Pat's, my antenna-wearing friend. I toast with my green beer in your honor.

Angela said...

PS: corner-chomping would have ended up being overkill, as the postal machines managed to chomp a bit out of the edge right below the sentiment. I almost thought it was intentional until I noticed it went right through the envelope!

Crafty Math Chick said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day - did you know PTI featured your card on FB? WOO HOO! You go girl!!

Emily Leiphart said...

Heehee, how did I miss this hilarious post?! These are AMAZING cards, even better than the others. :P I LOVE the one with Hunter Green and the argyle!!