Sunday, September 26, 2010

A CASE study

I stumbled upon a new challenge site today: CASE Study Challenges.  The card they had to case for this week was just too gorgeous to pass up.  Here's what I came up with:
Flower stamp from Impress, colored with R20 and R22 copics.  Look how I even left white at the ends of the petals! It is so hard for me to leave white when I'm coloring.  I know it looks good when other people do it, but I think people will look at my card and think, "did she run out of marker?"  The background is Ocean Tides, impressed with PTI Book Print and sewn on with brown thread.  The "thanks" is from Impress as well.  Let me just say, I am about to impress this stamp out the window!  As I mentioned earlier, Impress was nice enough to include a handstamped/handwritten thank you in my shipment:
But ever since I saw it, I've been trying to duplicate the perfection of the stamping to no avail.  I've tried it with every type of ink I have: memento, versafine, papertrey, Impress's own Fresh Ink.   I've tried it with every type of paper: gina k, papertrey, even the back of the original notecard.  I've tried it with fun foam underneath, with a magazine underneath, with nothing underneath.  Light pressure.  Heavy pressure.  Inking upside down. Inking right side up.  Inking with one hand tied behind my back.  I've tried an eraser.  I've tried sandpaper. I've tried a nail buffer.  Nothing comes close.  Now, I understand that kraft isn't smooth and therefore won't be as perfect but just compare:
Their suggestion?  Use their ink pad and use a reinker every time.  You know, if I wanted to order ink and reinker (mind you the ink pad was $6 and the reinker is $4 or $5), I would order from PTI, KWIM?  Seriously, this has caused me so much frustrastion and wasted paper I'm about to just chuck it.  How do you get rubber stamps to stamp nicely?

Ok, now that I've gotten that off of my chest, howsabout one more card for today?
I started with the same layout plan as the first card, but then I thought it looked nice without the stripe.  Am I the only one who thinks the colors in this Cosmo Cricket paper look like the ocean as sunset?  I stamped the boat and sails from PTI Men of Life and cut out.  I impressed the sails with the linen impression plate, although it's hard to see.  The thanks is a cuttlebug die cut.  And, yeah, I went old school and put some eyelets in (mostly due to my lack of brown brads at the moment).   AND they actually set perfectly with the cuttlebug!  I used some blue & white twine through the eyelets, looped them around one another, then threaded the ends back through the eyelets and tied it in the back for a nautical-knot look.

Well, I'm about to sit down to the season premiere of The Amazing Race.  Any other TAR fans out there?  It is one of the few shows that DH & I watch the night it comes on every time (we're pretty hardcore tivo people, so that's saying something).  Any new shows you're into this season?  My current fave (since FNL isn't on yet) is Parenthood.  Not only does it employ actors from almost every old favorite show (Gilmore Girls, Sports Night, Arrested Development, FNL, Everwood, and one of the actors just got engaged to Veronica Mars), but it also has an "old gold" in the opening credits.  What more could a girl ask for?


Crafty Creations said...

First of all - both cards are awesome!! Love that Impress flower and I KNOW what you mean about leaving the white edges!! Lol - I feel the same thing - except maybe people will think "oh, she was lazy and didnt finish coloring!!"

I love the striped paper with the sailboat too - great masculine card!

Sorry about your frustration with the other stamp. I really don't have any tips for you. I bought a Hero Arts stamp that says "Best Wishes' and I can't stand it b/c it doesn't stamp well for it's going in my bin to donate.
Makes me feel good that I won't have to look at it anymore!! lol

Emily Leiphart said...

Two stunners! I love the Book It impression plate and the way you lifted the edges after stitching. The flower is beautiful and I didn't think you forgot to finish colouring it in. That is something I've never tried but I should!

Did Impress even offer to replace the stamp for you? Maybe it has a defect and isn't straight. I love how large it is so that's too bad, although I don't really see anything wrong with the way it looks when you used it!

I love your sailboat card, too! That little eyelet detail in the top corner is perfect and the dp does indeed look like a beautiful sunset. Hmmm, where could I vacation right now to see a sunset like that? ;) Oh, and I LOVE the Cuttlebug sentiment!

Iwona Palamountain (Chupa) said...

Meg, they're both ultra fabulous! Your Copic colouring is flawless, and I wouldn't worry about your stamping too much - if you didn't bring the subject up, I wouldn't even notice that the colour is not distibuted evenly! In my opinion, it adds pizzazz to the project *wink*
Thanks so much for playing with us this week!

Karen H. said...

I love the coloring on the first card - I too can never seem to leave white, but you pulled it off perfectly.

I have a hard time getting good impressions, so if you figure it out, make sure you share!

Josie said...

Both cards are so neat, simple and gorgeous... i love your Clean and simple style... I think u did great with your stamping... Sometimes i have mine smudge due to my "shakey" hands :D

Angela said...

I love your take on the challenge card -- I think it's cool that you didn't use a butterfly like everyone else. Awesome coloring, of course. The sailboat card is nifty too, especially on that dp!

I think you might be a teensy tiny bit obsessed with that "thanks" stamp -- I think it looks completely normal! Maybe you just have higher standards than I do.... ;)

Emily Keaton said...

Hey, Meg, what a pair of gorgeous cards! The first is an awesome CASE and the second has wonderful nautical flair. Love the eyelet/twine on it!! Not much time for TV watching in this home, but DH and I do love BBC's Top Gear and are eagerly awaiting the start of a new season tonight!! We usually DVR it but discovered that when our cable co puts the episodes OnDemand, they show the director's cut--even better than DVR!!

Emily Keaton said...

Still love these, Meg!! Just wanted to let you know that I have a little something for you on my blog post today, so if you have a moment, you might want to check it out.

Aimes said...

Hey Meg! I sometimes use sheets of funky foam to get a good impression when a stamp is misbehaving....I wonder if that would help ya?!
Your cards are fabulous and I love your take on the CASE study this week. Thanks so much for joining us!

Andrea Ewen said...

Well, I love the shading on your flower and I didn't think for once that the ink had run out... Love what you did based on the inspiration card, gorgeous flower and fabulous sentiment! Thanks for playing along with us at CASE Study!

Jess said...

Looks PERFECT to me! I think I saw on someone's blog once a tip where they loaded the stamp with versamark, and then with the chosen colour ink and then stamped. Maybe try that and see if you get a better result?

Charlene said...

You worry too much, Meg...coming from a like minded worrier! Your card is gorgeous and I don't know how Impress does it either. PTI ink is worse so hoping their new ink is better.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful! I saw the first card and totally loved it. Great colors and design. Then I scrolled down and saw the rest. Great, great cards.